Friday, April 12, 2013

Tomato Kurma.. with Idli / Dosa

BM # 27   Day 12
Traditional Recipes: Andhra

There was a time I would cook lot of South Indian food, but of course I was absolutely restricted to the famous Idli, wada and Dosa.I cant remember making any kurmas, or rice variety . I have learnt so much about this cuisine, but yet when it comes to posting a South Indian recipe, I get guys are smiling..well with 90% of South Indian Blogger friends what do you expect?.. 

And yet I am posting South Indian Cuisine, …well for once I am sure I am not going wrong, the recipe is from our big boss..yes, Srivalli .She had done a demo for this recipe at the BM # 25 Celebrations. My hubby fell for this dish and so here I am!I was not sure , but Valli told me I could put this under Andhra Traditional Recipes.So friends indulge in this lovely kurma, for which a lazy person like me toiled to extract fresh coconut milk .My post for the 12th day under Traditional Recipes.

Tomato Kurma 
3 onions coarsely ground 
½ tsp ginger garlic paste 
4 medium tomatoes, pureed 
½ tsp turmeric pwd 
¼ tsp fennel pwd 
1tsp coriander pwd 
1tsp chilly pwd 
¼ tsp mix pwd from clove, cinnamon, cardamon 
Coconut milk..extacted from about 4 small coconuts 
Salt to taste 
A bunch of coriander leaves 
Heat oil. 
Add he ground onions and cook till almost brown.add ginger garlic paste. 
Add pureed tomatoes. 
Keep stirring and add turmeric pwd. 
Add salt and rest of the spices. 
Make sure the kurma is cooked on slow fire. 
Add coconut milk and let simmer, till thick.

I served the Kurma with idlis and dosas. I made the potato filling and sambar to go with dosas, the coconut chutney complimented well , but a fusion of lassan chutney, does wonders to this kind of meal.A glass of butter milk to soothe down to the spicy Andhra Cuisine.

Before I forget I must mention two things.....

the sambar has been made by using Sambar Podi gifted by Kamallika and she tells me it’s the Andhara version of Sambar Podi.

Second..the Tanjore that you see..that is a gift from my BM friends, ain’t it beautiful!...Thanks Valli, Kamallkia..and the rest of BM friends who are a part of this post.
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  1. Love love this South Indian breakfast spread, cant resist to those crispy dosas and softy idlies.

  2. wow..what a delicious platter!!! Dosa & side dishes looks perfectly made! I was looking for a good kurma recipe for dosa & I found this :) Thx for sharing!

  3. yummy platter love to grab the whole plate

  4. That's a great looking plate vaishali. Love everything on the plate. So glad you loved kurma.

  5. This is what my south Indian taste-buds want but I hardly make. Love the tomato kurma. I am making it tomorrow.

  6. Everything looks delicious.
    Coming from an Andhra brahmin family, our mothers rarely used the spice powders in our food and even today I rarely use them in my everyday cooking.I guess the Hyderabadi cuisine affected the other communities and this might be one of those dishes.

  7. love the entire setting.. espescially the ones with god pictures.. very festive, very authentic and very delicious!!
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    Event - Celebrate - Summer

  8. What a stunner dish this is with the dosa. I tried this at the neighbors place when I was a little girl. Still crave that taste. Love the tanjore paining too.

  9. Wonderful South Indian breakfast platter..makes me drool and loved the presentation..

  10. I am also off to make that tomato kurma :)! Between you and me (And anyone who reads this comment), I too use readymade coconut milk for everything :D. Too lazy to extract the milk :D

  11. Delicious looking breakfast platter. The addition of coconut milk takes this kurma to a different level, I guess!!

  12. interesting... it's looks awesome... loved ur presentation & tomato kurma recipe...

  13. Vaishali your post is so appetizing. Can't live without these foods.

  14. Beautiful presentation. Tomato kurma sounds absolutely delicious.

  15. I will be making this kurma now.....Looks too good and nice it...missed it:-(