Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bread Jo Dhodho / Bread Pancake

BM # 28   Day 2

I really do not know the origin of this Indian Flat bread, which is my theme for this week. All I know is my hubby's grand mother used to make these. She was very famous for these and would make for us as an evening snack.The evening snack would get heavy and I would avoid dinner.It's been a good 20 years since I ate these.After Naani passed away we have not had these. While thinking about the Indian Breads for BM , I recollected these dhodhas , something that we all used to love, but I guess the trend of white bread has gone and most of us have shifted to multi grain or wheat breads. You could try with those too, but I like to make these with white bread.One can add some veggies too, but I have made it just the way naani made....yes original, no twists!

4 slices white bread
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
Coriander leaves
2 green chillies, finely chopped
Salt to taste
Soak the bread slices in 1/4 cup water.
After 10 minutes, add all the ingredients.
Mix well with hands and you shall come to a dough consistency.
The dough will be semi soft, however, if you find it very soft, just crumble another slice and add.
Heat a non stick gridle.
Spray some oil.
Take a ladle ful of the dough and spread on your palm with wet fingers.
The size of the Dhodho is entirely upto you, I like to make small ones.
Once the upper surface is dry , flip over and cook.
Apply oil on the cooked side and let it cook till crisp.
Flip back and apply oil and cook till crisp.
Serve hot.

This Dhodho can be made from stale dry bread, only it might absorb some more water.
Normally this is served for breakfast or mid meal.
It actually does not need any accompaniments, but some thing like Jeera Aaloo go well as a side and makes it a complete meal. I served it with mint chutney.

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  1. Innovative idea for making dhodhos.. loved it.

  2. so simple yet I am sure so delicious too!!!

  3. seems like a nice recipe, and that ur granny made it, makes me think, that their generation was also pretty experimental and futuristic, agree on the lack of white bread's usage off late, but some recips just cant do without them

  4. Very interesting pancakes, sounds quite easy and definitely filling too.

  5. This sounds cool. And guess it'll work great as a starter snack for a small party at home with close friends. Guess what? I'm having some friends over tonight and am trying it :)

  6. What a delicious and interesting pancakes and with bread that's totally new to me. Love the name as well..

  7. Vaishali, now I know where you got your innovative cooking skills!..your granny was awesome..imagine making this with bread! we make the upma, this is another lovely idea to make for kids..the name has such a nice ring to it..

  8. Wow!!!looks so innovative and inviting..wonderful idea to use the leftover bread..bookmarked dear.

  9. Vaishali, is this a Sindhi dish? Going to try them soon. :)

  10. Lovely idea,, more like bread tikkis !

  11. Was that's so innovative. I love ur granny's idea & gonna book mark this.

  12. wow so innovative and so tempting... nice way to eat bread... love all those naani dishes which are so rare now... thanks for sharing this... bookmarking it,...
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  13. Sounds very new to me and must try recipe..

  14. Wow Naani's recipe is awesome! Willsurely this as I have stale bread at hand right now and I am wondering what new recipe I can try with it!

  15. A very nostalgic recipe.. They are so inviting and this seems easy to prepare too. Good way to use up the leftover breads.