Keri Pyaz ki Chutney / Raw Mango and Onion Relish

BM # 28   Day 1

With summer setting in the food changes .Everyone looks for light simple food avoiding spices and oil.Chilled treats and cold food is what we generally relish.Now this is a chutney which I have been eating since I have got married,a specialty of my M.I.L.This can be made in a jiffy and relished with any meal.for us this is a must on both the meals the minute we spot raw mangoes in the market.This chutney adds a bit of pep to that bland summery food. So Mangoes is the theme for this last week of marathon.

Raw mango, grated
Onion, grated
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste.
Red chilly pwd
Grate the raw mango and onion.
Mix the two.
Add salt and sugar and red chilly , balancing the flavors.
when I say balancing the flavors, I mean the chutney should be sweet,as well as tangy and a wee bit spicy. Chillies is again optional, you could avoid them yet enjoy the chutney.

If the mango is really sour you might need more sugar..and if it is on the sweeter side  little less sugar will be required. Jaggery can be used instead of sugar .Ideally this chutney should be left out for about 15 minutes for the flavors to infuse ..and then chilled ,but in case you are impatient..go ahead and enjoy it .
This stays good in refrigerator for a week .

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