Mango Dessert with Agar Agar

BM # 28   Day 3

I was recently introduced to the famous Italian dessert Panna Cotta, which is made with cream and milk, but the agar agar pudding that I make is with just milk, so one can enjoy this dessert without being guilty. The pudding is very close to Panna Cotta , the Panna Cotta surely is a richer dessert , but trust me most of the people would not even know the is that close.Check it out for yourself.

500 ml milk
4 gms agar agar strands
1/2 cup mango pulp, preferably alphanzo / kesar
Boil milk .
Add agar agar strands.
Boil milk till the strands dissolve.
Add sugar to taste, remember the mango pulp is sweet.
Remove from fire.
Stir for a few minutes , so that the milk cools down a little.
Add mango pulp and mix well.
Pour into cups or moulds.
The pudding will set as soon as the milk comes to room temperature.
Place it in the refrigerator.
Serve chilled.

The dessert is simple, but delicious.One can serve this with some chocolate sauce too. Try and consume the dessert within two days.

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