Friday, May 10, 2013

Swanjare -ja-Gula./ Sindhi ..Drumstick Flowers

BM # 28   Day 1

While the BM team was here Valli spotted some drum stick trees on the road, instantly she told me that they use the leaves of this tree to make a dish. This was new to me. I told her that we use the flowers to make a dish. Now this was new to her! I had never thought of blogging these flowers, but decided to do so since it is a new dish for most of you plus it is very seasonal. These flowers are available only in winters. Normally these are made by Punjabi's and Sindhi's.  Delhi has a good market for these flowers, while they are also available in Mumbai and here in Ahmadabad they are available only in particular areas where Sindhi's live.These are normally sold for about Rs 100 a kg.We call these as Gul- a...Gul in Sindhi is a flower and "a" is the plural hence Gul-a. This is one exotic dish and people crave to eat it, but of course it is very time consuming. 

flowers and buds

boiling them, don't run away, they have a very unpleasant odour

Preparing the drum stick flowers

These flowers are very delicate, and when one goes to buy these from the market, you will get very few bloomed flowers, most of them are buds. Along with these you shall find broken thin stems. These stems have to be discarded.So pick these out.Once these are picked out you need to boil the flowers in plenty of water with salt. These have to be boiled not once, but two three times and the boiling is not just one boil, you need to boil it for a good 5 minutes after the first boil.After changing the water thrice drain the water and after cooling squeeze out the water.Now the flowers are prepared to be used as a main course dish.

250 gms drumstick flowers
1 onion, finely chopped

1 tsp ginger garlic , paste

1 green chilly, finely chopped

1/4 cup tomato purée
1/4 tsp red chilly pwd
1/4 tsp turmeric pwd
1/2 tsp coriander pwd
1 tbsp beaten curd
Pinch garam masala
Heat oil.
Add onion and sauté, till transparent.
Add ginger garlic paste and sauté the onion till pink.
Add green chilly.
Add the prepared flowers, and sauté till dry.
Add spices and tomato purée.
Cook till the moisture from the tomatoes is dry.
Add beaten curd and cook on high flame , giving good stirs in between.
There should be no moisture in the dish, at the same time, it should be soft.
mash it with a wooden churner or use a potato masher .
Sprinkle garam masala.

Some kind of daal is served with these flowers, personally I enjoy eating these with a nice hot Sindhi roti, along with a fresh green chilly and onion, but we do make something with it. For today we made the mung-a. yes this how we pronounce moong. These are simple but delicious.

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  1. so interesting and unique...only seen drumstick here a few forget about leaves or flowers :)

  2. I remember that conversation Vaishali, so nice that you made it for us..:)..pic 2 & 3 are not loading, so unable to see I said I am not sure if the flowers are also used here..however other things are surely used much!..

  3. Interesting. I have never eaten even the dishes prepared using leaves. I have to check with my mother.

  4. very interesting and totally new dish, we use these flower to make pattice and bhajias. Todays post :

  5. Wow this is really something very interesting and new.

  6. Vaishali we have both the drumstick leaves and flowers cooked here in Goa. The veggie variety is flavored with jack fruit seeds and the non veg with prawns. Both are delicious. :) Will check out the flowers soon with Kaki and try it out.

  7. Very interesting one,never used the drumstick flowers in cooking..sounds inviting..

  8. Very interesting! I have never heard of drumstick flowers used in cooking!!

  9. First time hearing a dish with drumstick flowers,

  10. Interesting and never tried drumstick in this way!! yumm

  11. Looks yum, does flower gives an unpleasant odour while boiling??? ewww!!!Thanks for the warning!!!

  12. I don't think we cook with drumstick flowers in Andhra. It definitely sounds time consuming, but I'm sure the taste is worth the wait.

  13. Vaishali, I too remember you mentioning this dish. The drumstick season is over here and will have to wait for the next season to try this out.
    Btw, some pics are not loading yaar...

  14. It's a new recipe.... interesting to know about the drumstick flower recipe....

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  17. vaonlinenews its a nice blog... i love food and i always read all blog that relate to food.. thanks to sharing with us i love it..