Dark Fantasy Mousse

The only biscuit that I like is the Dark Fantasy Chocolate cream.It is strange that I do not eat biscuits and cookies at all. they are associated with tea and coffee. Perhaps I do not drink either of them so I don't feel the urge.Once in a while I eat this chocolate cream biscuit to satisfy my craving for a chocolate dessert. I love trying different desserts with these biscuits, and here is the one I tried this week.Check out Valli and Champa's blog for some interesting weekend cooking.

200 ml milk
50 ml cream
4 gms agar agar
4 dark fantasy chocolate biscuits
Few drops vanilla extract
Sugar to taste
Cherries for garnish
Boil milk with agar agar.
Let the agar agar dissolve completely.
Add sugar .
Remove from fire and add 2 crumbled biscuits.
Add cream and vanilla extract.
Mix and pour in bowls.
Let the mousse partially set.
Place a biscuit on top 
Garnish with a cherry.
Place it in the frig.
Let chill and set.
Makes for two.

I simply love the texture, the design embedded on this biscuit   ..of course not to forget the sinful chocolaty biscuit and chocolate cream. 

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