Monday, June 17, 2013

Garam Masala / Indian Spice Powder

BM # 29   Week 3   Day 1

This is the 3rd week of this BM and for this week I shall be making Indian Spice Powders.

Normally except for garam masala we do not make any major masalas.Sambar powder is one spice mix that I use to make, but that department has been taken over by hubby, he makes it better than me plus every time it has to be fresh.

Garam masala is an Indian spice powder which is made in many different ways.The spices used for these vary with personal taste .The proportions vary and these variations make the flavor of this spice very different.

The Garam Masala that we use in our house is rather mild. Since our everyday food is with minimum spices the addition of garam masala is not there in all vegetables or curries.While making formal dinners or the special dishes I use freshly ground spice powder as the taste and aroma of the freshly ground masala is wonderful and it enhances the flavor of the dish.For every day dishes the masala is ground and stored, though I make this in very small batches.

The spices that I use for Garam Masala are..
7-8 tbsp cumin seed
10 -15 bay leaves
1 tbsp shahi jeera
8-10 cloves
1 small stick cinnamon
1 tsp peppercorns
1 tsp Green Cardamon
6-8 black Cardamon
Lightly roast all ingredients and grind it to a fine powder.
Alternately grind it to a coarse powder.
Store in a jar.

While making fresh garam masala I normally use mortar and minus the bay leaves, as these are difficult to powder. This powder is rather coarse but while enjoying the dish one can actually make out the flavors of different spices.

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  1. Even I do not use garam masala in most of the vegetables dishes and for meat dishes I either add whole spices to the tempering or grind it to paste along with the onions. I am to lazy to make masala at home. Garam masala powder looks flavorful

  2. I love the way you have jared the garam masala Vaidhali. I am missing blogging Marathon.My busy schedule these days doesnt allow me to do too many things:( BTW how long does this stay fresh. Like you said, I too make garam masala as and when required.

    1. This shall stay good for a while..I normally make it every 2 months...and in between if some dinners are there then the fresh coarse one is a must.

  3. King of masala .......Useful post.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. loved the pics, esp the first one... lovely to note ur husband makes the Sambhar powder :-)) wow ! what a team u guys make :))) Two passionate foodies... i must say...

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  5. Lovely picture Vaishali..this combination sounds interesting as well..will try it sometime..

  6. I cant imagine my pantry without this spice powder, looks wonderful.

  7. house must have smelled wonderful while making this

  8. Good one, havent tried any spice powders in home. Mom use to make for me and I use to store in freezer for years. Need to learn.

  9. I too had garam masala for next week, but you beat me to it. but like you said, everyone uses different combination of spices and diff quantities. I'll try your ratio next time

  10. Bookmarking this its needed as I make mine in these steps. Take a scissor and cut open the foil of the tetrapack!! :)

  11. Thanks for posting a lovely garam masala recipe! My aunt (who lives in Pune) always makes this for me during one of our yearly trips to India. This recipe is motivating me to make my own :)

  12. Home made Masala's are always nice and fresh. Thanks for the post

  13. I made garam masala a few days back and I must say it tastes better than the ones from the store. Yet to post mine :)

  14. I always prefer home made masalas. once in a month i keep a day for masalas. will try your version nextime beautiful pic..

  15. very useful post, Vaishali..shall bookmark it for my reference.

  16. One more specially most useful and flavor masala... key ingredient of every Indian spicy food

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  18. I've been wanting to try making my own masala powders...urs looks great
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