Gol Papdi / Sukdi /Wheat Flour and Jaggery Squares

BM # 29   Week 2   Day 2

Gol Papdi or Sukhdi is a Gujju sweet.It is normally made in winters as it has lots of ghee and is relished piping hot. Sukdi gets ready very fast and normally if there is a dinner, then it is prepared after everyone finishes the meal.The hot Sukhdi tastes awesome and one cant stop at just one. I must tell you that we have a Jain temple near Ahmadabad , and this is served as prasad there.It is first offered to the God and then eaten.This prasad has to be finished in the Temple premises, supposed to be inauspicious if it is taken out.The interesting part is that when people decide to offer 11 thals or 21 thals (thals are big platters) to the Lord, since it is not possible to finish those thals by yourself or family, it is distributed to each and every passerby...so by the time one leaves the temple you are done with a meal!!I make sure to buy the bare minimum quantity, as we know we still would be loaded with it.The taste of the temple Prasad is absolutely divine, how ever hard we try it is never the same at home.When the kids were small they used to say..lets go to Mahudi...and we knew it is the craving for the prasad .

1cup wheat flour
1 cup ghee
3/4 cup grated jaggery
Heat ghee and saute the wheat flour till pink.
It shall lend a wonderful aroma.
Add the grated jaggery and switch off the gas.The jaggery melts in the warm flour .
Pour into a thali or a rimmed tray.
Let it cool down.
Cut into pieces.

This is the picture of the Jain Temple and if you wish to know more about it you could read  here.

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