Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Jamun Juice

BM # 29   Week 3    Day 2

Color of the day Purple
Jamun is a purple colored fruit, which is available only during the two summer months.It is a tropical berry , oblong shaped with a unique taste and flavor.The pulp of the fruit is pinkish grey and there is a seed in it. 

Several studies provide evidence that jamun has hypoglycemic effects with up to 30 per cent reduction in blood sugar reported in some studies. Seeds are rich in alkaloids which have hypoglycemic effects. 

As a kid I loved to eat these as after eating these the tongue used to turn purple and we as kids used to get fascinated. Today I have made jamun juice which looks so pretty, besides it is refreshing and full of vitamins and minerals. 

250 gms jamuns
2 tsp sugar or to taste
Pinch black salt
Chop the jamuns , discarding the seeds.
Adding all the ingredients in the blender , blend
Add about 250 ml water and blend again
Strain the juice and dilute it to the desired consistency.
Serve with ice cubes.

During the season one gets to see vendors selling these Jamuns along with some other berries which are available during this time.The way they display these fruits is a pretty sight and one has to stand by and admire the color combination.This fascination made me click these pics.Though I do not like the rest of the fruits..except for faalsa.In fact we have a faalsa tree in the house which right now is at peak bloom.You could check the Faalsa Juice here.



Chota Aamla also called Aamli


Gora Sambli


Imli / Tamarind

Dry Berries..Sookhe Ber

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  1. Looks Wonderful, Makes me carve to try it once :)

  2. wow looks tempting & colourful
    mouthwatering here...

  3. wow Look at the color of that drink!!i have to get jamuns now.

  4. Would love to make a visit to ur place Vaishali, wonderful fruits,seriously am missing jamuns and many more seasonal fruits here..

    Wat a stunning, eye pleasing purple juice, fantabulous.

  5. the color of the fruit is interesting... thank u for the information... :)

  6. Wonderful color ! I must admire the amazing clicks..

  7. Lovely pink colour. Love the fruit stall picture - such brilliant colours!

  8. Lovely Color Vaishaliji!!! I love Ber and jamuns a lot, we used to eat out heart content and pop out tongue out to see the color!!! :)
    Regarding the Curry Podi: It can be used for all dry subzi and can also be added to simple Dal just before tadka, tastes yum!!! On a rainy day, just have this with Hot Steaming Rice,little Sesame oil and don't forget the salt!!! :

  9. wow very new and interesting...luv the idea and beautiful clicks..
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  10. Wonderful detailed post about different berries and fruits... I love this color of jamun juice which is very good for digestion plus who have sugar problem.... jamun is just like wonderful medicine

  11. so many unique fruits and juice is such GORGEOUS color!

  12. oh the color of the juice.... my daughter would drink it just for the color!! so tempting..
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  13. Love that color. It is soooooo pretty. And those fruits look so fresh and yummy!!

  14. Lovely color vaishali haven't thought about juice using jamun, your berry picture taking me to childhood days, we use to have most of them in my grandpas place fresh from tree is more interesting that too in summer holidays oh ..

  15. OMG Vaishali, wish you had taken us to this market place, everything on display is so looking delicious!..I love Gora Sambli, I just saw this in gayathri's space, forgot what's called but love it..

  16. Loving the color of this one! Absolutely wonderful. And all the other pics reminded me of childhood days.

  17. Very nice. My MIL keeps telling us about the medicinal properties of this fruit.

  18. Lovely colour VAishali. The display is amazing.

  19. jamuns take me back to my childhood where my grandmom planted a sapling just outside our house, and in season it would bear fruit and the whole neighbourhood would benefit from the fruits... yummy juice and a riot of colours there, Vaishali !

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