Monday, June 24, 2013

Karele ji Katt / Bitter Gourd Saute'

BM # 29   Week 4   Day 1

Color of the day...   Green

A new week begins and this week is a color week for me.For the color theme we have to pick the color of the day and make a dish, the end product may or may not be the ingredient color.

Today's color is Green and I have chosen to cook Bitter Gourd peels.Earlier this week I mentioned about these, and since I am trying to concentrate on Sindhi dishes, I chose to make Katt. I wanted to post all Sindhi dishes trying to adjust with the themes. Katt is a peel .While cooking bitter gourds normally the peel is discarded  We try to use it as a dry saute or sun dry it and store.The recipe for both is almost the same.

1 cup Bitter gourd peels
1 tbsp wheat flour
1 tbsp curd
1/2 tsp salt
Mix all ingredients, rubbing the peels well.
Keep aside for at least an hour.
Wash thoroughly.
Squeeze excess water.
Heat oil for deep frying.
Add the squeezed peels.
Fry till crisp .
Remove on an absorbent tissue.
Sprinkle red chilly powder, dry mango powder.

You could sun dry the same peel.Instead of deep frying the peel after squeezing the water, place the peel on a kitchen towel and then on a mat.
Place this in the sun  for 3-4 days till nice and crisp.Store it in a jar and saute or fry when needed.

The katt is slightly bitter.Adding mango powder takes away  some of the bitterness.
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  1. Nice clicks vaishali ji!!! We use the whole bittergourd as such for the cooking, never knew it can be peeled! !!

  2. Wow !! Hubby is a great fan of karela.. Will try ths next time, bookmarking

  3. Never cooked bittergourd peels this way,sounds interesting.
    Regarding ur qn about chettinad ladies finger curry, yep Mandi means rice washed rice, actually sundried mangoes are optional, if its used in this curry, we will always go for less tamarind extract, yep this curry will be bit sour.

  4. Your plate sports many colours Vaishali..and all so lovely!..I love that bright orange as well...:)...though bittergourd is healthy I stay away from it, even though I love the colour..:)

  5. Nice idea to sun-dry them. Will try it. Will try the mango powder tip as well.

  6. first time hearing about bittergourd peels, can you tell me for what we are using wheat flour and curd in this does it help to remove the bitterness.

  7. Wow great idea Vaishali... nice technique of sun drying them... love the tips also!!!
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  8. That is a cool idea to sun dry them. Using the peel is really a good one.

  9. really interesting using just the peels

  10. Interesting bitter gourd recipe

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  11. Never cooked with just the peels. Sounds interesting and delicious.

  12. Wow I never peel my karela. Too greedy for them I guess. This looks yum. Will try peeling them next time.