Kesari Badaam Gulab Doodh ka Masala / Saffron, Almond Rose Milk Powder

BM # 29  Week 3   Day 3

When I chose the theme spice powders I did not know what I would be posting.I wanted to post something that I genuinely use.Well everyone knows I am a great fan of roses and use them lavishly in my cooking.So I decided to make a aroma filled spice powder from these roses and nuts.This powder turned out really good, full of beautiful aroma from cardamom and roses.The nutty flavor from almonds and I used some saffron too.All these blended together made this powder which can be used for Masala Milks or kulfis or even Halwas.It gives a pale pink color to the milk with specs of yellow in between.Absolutely heavenly.

1/4 cup almonds
1/4 cup dried rose petals
10 - 12 cardamoms
1 tsp saffron
Put all the ingredients into a grinder and make a powder .
Store in a airtight container.

Could you ask for anything simpler?...after clicking this pic I just popped that spoon in my me you can enjoy it is it is too. Truly a royal treat !!

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