Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kesari Badaam Gulab Doodh ka Masala / Saffron, Almond Rose Milk Powder

BM # 29  Week 3   Day 3

When I chose the theme spice powders I did not know what I would be posting.I wanted to post something that I genuinely use.Well everyone knows I am a great fan of roses and use them lavishly in my cooking.So I decided to make a aroma filled spice powder from these roses and nuts.This powder turned out really good, full of beautiful aroma from cardamom and roses.The nutty flavor from almonds and I used some saffron too.All these blended together made this powder which can be used for Masala Milks or kulfis or even Halwas.It gives a pale pink color to the milk with specs of yellow in between.Absolutely heavenly.

1/4 cup almonds
1/4 cup dried rose petals
10 - 12 cardamoms
1 tsp saffron
Put all the ingredients into a grinder and make a powder .
Store in a airtight container.

Could you ask for anything simpler?...after clicking this pic I just popped that spoon in my me you can enjoy it is it is too. Truly a royal treat !!

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  1. Nice flavorful powder. Even your rose mail color matches the ingredients of the powder.

  2. Wish i get those dry rose petals here, would love to drink some rite now.

  3. this has everything that I love ! I would rather eat it up as such ;)

  4. my my my ! this is a stunner of a recipe - you know the moment I saw the title, I could picturise Vaishali only doing this - the rose petals :-))

    lovely !

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  5. What a beautiful idea of making with rose petals awesome recipe!

  6. wow awesome homemade version dear...very nice....and beautiful clicks...
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  7. Wow... That is one flavor packed masala.. Do you let the roses dry on the plant? I have ton of roses that are slowly drying out on the plant itself, do you think I can use them to make anything? Thank you for your thoughts.

    1. Pavani, you need fresh roses for this.discard all the extras and wash the petals.Dry them with a kitchen napkin.spread them on a clean sheet (i dry loads of them)..indoors and without fan.
      They shall dry within two-three days.Store in a airtight container...and check your dried flowers they might need more could pluck a leaf and crush to know ..if it is crisp good..otherwise try drying these petals..may be you can use.

    2. Thank you Vaishali. Checked the flowers and some are still not too dry. I got them and will try to follow your instructions to drying them. I'll let you know how they turned out :-)

  8. Truly a royal treat.Wish I could get some organic rose petals. Would love to try this out.

  9. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing Vaishali.

  10. I make this almond powder for my dad but with out rose petals will add rose petals next time if he likes that flvor will continue. going to dry rose petals now..:)

  11. Planning to try ths fr kids, is there any specific rosé to be used for this, I have white rosé can we use that for this vaishali