Musseli chocolates balls

BM # 29   W eek 3   Day 3

Color of the day...Brown

Chocolates in any form are welcome by kids . To give them a little healthier version of chocolate I have made these simple quick and delicious Musseli Balls.These are very simple to make, and even the kids would love to help with this. There is no recipe, but this is how I made them.
Cooking chocolate
Melt the chocolate in double boiler.
Remove and stir it so that it starts cooling.
Gradually add Musseli and go on mixing .
Once the chocolate is semi solid make balls with the help of a mini scooper or a round soup spoon.Spoon them on a butter paper.
Place them in the frig to set or else in an air conditioned room for almost 24 hours.
If you do not want to make balls, you could pour the mix in a flat tray and make bars.
After pouring place in the frig.
Cut into bars or squares,

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