Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chaat Bites

BM # 30   Week 2   Day 1

For the second week of this marathon, I shall be making kid friendly recipes, finger food or food served in individual servings.The individual serving concept has recently developed and even though at times it gets little tedious, I just love it.It look neat and classy.

For the first day I have chosen to make a bread Chaat When I was young my aunt used to make bread chaat. Basically she would use the left over bread, fry it and top it with all chaat ingredients.I have used the same concept.I fried the bread and topped with all chaat ingredients.Check out to know how I made it.

Fried bread pieces..I cut them into small round circles.
Boiled potato
Hung curd
Chaat masala
Fine farsaan sev
Coriander leaves

Fry the bread pieces to a golden.
Cut cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes into even sized slices.
Sprinkle salt and chaat masala.
Add salt to the hung curd.
Now place a piece of bread, top it with hung curd.
Place it in the center , do not spread.
Place a slice of tomato on the curd.
Now add a tsp of green chutney, covering that with a boiled potato slice.
Put a tsp of Date chutney on the potato slice and cover it with the cucumber slice.
Spread some garlic chutney on this and insert a tooth pick.This will hold all the veggies in the chaat.
Sprinkle the fine sev.
Garnish with coriander.

Now you must make sure that the slices cut from the veggies should be of the same size as of fried bread.
I have used hung curd, so it does not make the bread soggy right away.
while putting hung curd and chutney, put drops in the center.
As soon as you insert the tooth pick to secure them, they will spread automatically.

The taste is a fusion of  dahi papadi chaat and sev poori.
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  1. Omg, wish am a kid here, such a beautiful chaat bites, i dont mind grabbing some and having now.

  2. looks super delicious, loved the way you have presented the,, chat in any form is welcome, but this way it looks even more tempting

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  4. Ultimate cute lil things Vaishali...they are so pretty to look and would disappear fast!

  5. Looks so pretty and delicious. Would look great on a party table.

  6. These lovely bite size snacks looks very stylish ^ delicious.I love the way you have presented these.

  7. wow lovely chaat idea :) looks delicious :)

  8. This is simply mindblowing Vaishali! What a beautiful presentation :)

  9. Awesome bites..very well dressed up!

  10. Such a cute looking chaat. Loved the presentation.

  11. Lovely presentation. Looks delicious Vaishali.

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  13. Wow! Chaat bites look absolutely delicious. Drooling over here...

  14. OMG.. So cute n lovely bites.. Would love to gulp them all.. :)
    First time here and an awesome space it is! Glad to follow you :)

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