Choori for Satya Narayan Prasad

BM # 30   Week 4   Day 3

Kutti or Choori is a sweet that is generally made as a prasad for Satyanarayan pooja in Sindhi families. My Gujarati friends make sheera as prasad.I really do not know much about these poojas, as mom never did and even my MIL does not do these poojas. We are more into meditation but my husband is one religious person who must visit the temple daily, do poojas too.The Satyanarayan pooja is done at the hotel with a pandit coming in. I know that it is a very popular pooja which is done every month on the full moon day.The prasad is made at home. the prasad consists of Kutti or Choori as some call it. The wheat flour  is roasted in ghee and then sugar is added. Along with the prasad Panchaamrit is made and of course some sweets and fruits are offered to God.

.Previously when people were not as health conscious, this choori was made regularly in Sindhi homes, but now it is restricted to the prasad only. If making otherwise peanuts are not added instead one can add almonds or other dry fruits, but the authentic one it is just ghee, flour and sugar.

1 cup wheat flour
1/4 cup ghee
1/2 cup sugar
8-10 raw peanuts( optional )
In a heavy bottomed pan add ghee.
Immediately add the flour.
Roast the flour on very slow flame stirring continuously.
Roast till the flour lends out a wonderful aroma and turns golden.
Add sugar and remove from fire immediately.
The sugar will dissolve a little , but not completely.
When eating you will get that sugar crunch in the mouth.
The peanuts are added to the Kutti, when it is half done.
These can be roasted separately and added .

This recipe requires patience, please make sure that you are roasting the flour throughout on very slow fire.
One can add cardamom powder and nuts to make it rich , but the authentic recipe does not have any of these.

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