Moongphali ke Dahiwade / Peanut Dumplings in Curd Sauce

BM # 30   Week 3   Day 2

Moongphali ke Dahiwade is a dish which I learnt from a cookery show at TV. I quite liked the idea of these dahiwadas. I like the flavor of peanuts so was sure that they should taste quite good. The recipe is simple , but it was a job removing the skin from these raw peanuts., if I have to make these again, I would get the ones without skin.These have been cooked for the second day of this BM under the theme Dumplings.

1 cup peanuts, soaked overnight
4 green chillies + 1" piece ginger, made into a paste
4 tbsp gram flour
Peel the peanuts and grind them with as little water as possible.
Add the ginger paste and gram flour.
Add salt and fry these like mini pakoras.
Cool and then soak into water.
Squeeze out and pour beaten curd.
Sprinkle chaat masala, red chilly pwd.
Serve chilled.

The dahi wadas turned out super soft.There was a mixed reaction on these from the family.Either they liked them a lot or they did not .. As for me I preferred the fried version to the curd version.The curd version could be improved by adding date and tamarind chutney and garnishings.

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