Sunday, August 4, 2013

Banarasi Lauki Ki Kheer / Bottle gourd Pudding

BM # 31   Week 2   Day 2

The second day with Mini Servings I have made yet another dessert with rice and milk. While watching Vineet Bhatia on his show I fell in love with the Kheer he made .It was a pumpkin Kheer. I couldn't wait to try, but did not have pumpkin, so I decided to use bottle gourd and gave it my own twist.

1/2 cup rice , cooked
1 lt milk
1/2 tsp ghee
4-5 pods cardamom
250 gms bottle gourd
50 gms white chocolate
Sugar to taste
Assorted nuts and raisins
Peel the gourd and chop into chunks.
Boil till tender and purée.
Heat ghee add cardamoms, half the nuts and sauté.
Add purée and sauté.
Once the raw small goes away, add milk.
Let boil and add the cooked rice.
Cook till reduced to half.
Add grated white chocolate .
Add sugar.
Cook on slow till you reach the desired consistency.
Add a drop of green food color if you wish too.

Serving style
Pour a tsp of rose and rotate the glass , so that the syrup spread in a abstract manner.
Immediately add the Kheer to the glass.
Garnish with a meetha Banarasi paan.

The dessert turned out very rich and the rose syrup gave it a flavor which was very very pleasing.The paan gave it a true finale touch where one does not need anything after a good meal. The Kheer was relished by everyone in the family..infact I offered it to my son's friends who were shocked to know that I had used bottle gourd.Garnishing it with paan, gave a new dimension to the kheer, it infused it's flavors in the kheer and you feel you are actually in Banaras!!

This also goes to Valli's Summer Mela
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  1. Love the way u presented that kheer, very attractive and delightful kheer..

  2. Love the colors of the kheer, Vaishali! never would have thought of making kheer with Dhoodhi! What a innovative recipe!

  3. That pink colour makes it look even more beautiful Vaishali..very nice dish..

  4. That was so innovative. i never thought that lauki can be transformed like.. i have tried with other veggies.. Good

  5. So rich and colorful ! I always admire your presentation ...

  6. Very innovative kheer. Looks absolutely wonderful along with the paan..

  7. lauki in a kheer - very interesting and very innovative!!!


  8. Lovely kheer and love the addition of chocolate and paan which quite unique for me. Bookmarked

  9. Great presentation with the rose syrup. Also the first time I am hearing of garnishing kheer with paan. Very innovative!

  10. This is such a unique and interesting dessert. So many flavors and so colorful. Love it -- bookmarked.

  11. I am a huge fan of Vineet Bhatia's shows. And this kheer looks so colorful Vaishali.Yum..

  12. I can imagine the rose syrup and the paan pairing so well with the kheer!! Truly innovative, Vaishali.. hats off!!

  13. Love the the kheer very creative and I love the multi-color dessert quite eye-catching!

  14. very unique and beautiful dessert!