Corn on the Cob...Mexican Style

BM # 31 Week 4 Day 1

As soon as the monsoon comes one can spot lot of vendors selling corn.It is one of the best street foods one can enjoy..and without guilt. No but let me correct myself, on the guilt part.The corn that we get here in Gujarat has a lot of variety.To begin with we have the roasted corn with nimbu masala.(lemon and spice).The next comes the boiled corn, the vendor removes the kernels and mixes butter to the hot boiled corn, then we have the cheese corn. Now with butter and cheese the guilt comes back !!  This is the scene in Gujarat, but Delhi there is yet another variety...The chatni wala Bhutta. While in Delhi I clicked some pics of this , I would have loved to eat it too, as I have done years back..but unfortunately it started pouring heavily and I could just manage some clicks.

So many ways to relish this corn, now lets get to the Mexican way of corn on the cob.They roast the corn and apply a layer of mayo, roll it into chilly powder and coriander leaves,  sprinkle cheese and finally squeeze some lemon juice.Wow..this surely is a treat.I roasted these corns on a Sunday evening while it was pouring.I had plans to roast the corn on coal, but the rain was a spoilsport.

For the fourth week, my theme is Mexican and for the first day it is corn on the cob...Mexican style!

What you need...
Chilly powder
Coriander leaves
Cheese, grated
Salt to taste
Lemon juice

How to go about....
Roast the corn.
Rub in some salt.
Apply Mayonnaise.
Roll in chilly powder.
Roll in coriander leaves and cheese.
Drizzle lemon juice .

These are some of the pics that I took in Delhi...

The vendor is roasting the corn and the big tin box that you see on his cart has boiled corn, which he serves in paper bowls with a red hot tamarind chutney.

Boiled corn ..a peep in that tin!!

The red hot tamarind chutney!

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