Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dark Fantasy Sandwich Cake

BM # 32 Week 1
Theme: Baking
Cooking with alphabets " D "

 When it came to the letter"D" , I knew it had to be a cake.I had two cake recipes with this letter and both these cakes are my favorite.Sine we all are chocolate fans I preferred this one.

This chocolate cake is sandwiched with Dark Fantasy Chocolate Biscuits. The cream from the biscuits melts after baking and lends a wonderful flavor to the cake. The flavor is so so chocolatey. The chocolate fans do not miss this one, you will love can always make variations by using different cream biscuits, in that case you might need to change the basic cake flavor too.I have tried chocolate with orange cream biscuits and they taste awesome with chocolate flavoring.

I am not very good with frosting so normally end up using ganache , which is something that we all like.Anyway even if you do not frost the cake  still tastes wonderful because of the cream biscuits.

I can condensed milk ( 400 gms )
1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup cocoa powder
3/4 cup oil / butter
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
Few drops vanilla extract
200 ml soft fizzy drink
Dark fantasy chocolate cream biscuits
Sieve the flour , cocoa ,baking soda and baking powder.
Whisk oil, condensed milk and vanilla extract.
Mix the dry ingredients to the wet adding coke gradually, till you reach the batter consistency.
Beat well and pour half the batter in a lined and dusted mould.
Spread a layer of the chocolate biscuits on the batter layer.
Pour the rest of the batter on top of the biscuits.
Bake at 180 deg for 30 minutes.

Frosting the cake
Pour ganache over the chocolate and decorate according to the occasion.

This is one of the best cake recipe that I have .it comes out just perfect and tastes very good.It is moist and has a better shelf life than the other cakes . A keeper recipe.

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  1. wow this sandwich cake looks gorgeous dear :) lovely recipe and captures :) tempting me !!

  2. i love these biscuits & now u have made them into a cake.. fab!!! love the color..i just wish i could take a bit virtually :)

  3. Wow ! Wow! That cake looks so delicious ! I want it now , please send few slices over here...

  4. Wow It sounds just fantastic. I can imagen how the biscuits tast after baking with a cake mm mouthwatering....

  5. OMG!What a gorgeous cake. I am going to make this for the Lil ones at home. They are huge fans of both chocolate and dark fantasy.We learnt a similar method with coke in the bakery course that I attended. Never attempted that one but am sure to try this out very soon...

  6. Wow... lovely idea, Through BM i get lots of cake ideas. love it

  7. wow... this looks so dense... lovely...

  8. Oh god, wat a gorgeous cake, looks super moist and highly chocolatey..

  9. Wow this is really fantastic Vaishali..I do use the same cake recipe, though I have never tried with the biscuit layer. I thought you had sandwiched after baking the cake. I am sure all that baking would melted the biscuits..very nice..

  10. cake mela in your blog vaishali ji!!! wow.. looks so beautiful!!!


  11. This gorgeous cake was on my reader and I knew was yours. I had to see it in full glory. Absolutely delicious pic. OMG went back and read the recipe. You are killing me. My blood sugar is somethin I am not too happy abt and this cake i have to bake and eat BOooo!
    Wait will exercise so I can eat it right?
    I promise to exercise and not just my base work out and the bake this cake.

  12. friday or max saturday is when I plan to make this now...absolutely beautiful recipe...i agree this is a keeper recipe, it looks so good that i can barely control myself

  13. Vaishali, I made this cake for my friend's kid's birthday and they are still raving about it. It's soft and tasted real nice :)...on the negative side, I didn't take a picture of the cake...and hey, you haven't mentioned when to add the coke in the recipe...

    1. Rajani Thanks a ton...great that your friends liked the cake.
      I have mentioned above that the coke or the fizzy drink should be added gradually when mixing the dry and wet ingredients.

  14. Ooh la la! That looks super decadent.

  15. OOOOhhhhhhhhh what a lovely cake. Eggless to boot. Delicious.

  16. definitely a treat for the chocolate lover!

  17. Oh my Goshhhhh...You literally killing me with your Double chocolate cake..This is absolutely delicious treat for my eyes as well as for taste buds!! Bookmarking it!!

  18. Vaishali, this cake is a stunner, with that ganache on top and the cute hearts. Ive made brownies with Oreos stuffed in them. But I love Dark Fantasy biscuits even more. Shall definitely try it out!