Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Halwa Paratha

BM # 32   Week 2
Theme : Street Food
Cooking with alphabets :"H"

I had read about Halwa Paratha being sold near Jama Masjid during Ramzaan and was very keen to see this as I had heard that this paratha is about 3 foot diameter. Now that sure is a massive size. Fortunately I was on a trip to Delhi during Ramzaan, Late night I persuaded my brother to take us on a tour of old Delhi, where one can spot these foods, but unfortunately we could not spot anything that night. People told us that it was during the last few days of Ramzaan that this mela was held, where they had a variety of food stuff.I have heard about this paratha being sold outside Masjids in Kashmir too.The paratha is made with semolina halwa, which is a delicious sweet by itself.

Well unlike the street paratha size I made a mini version.The original halwa has orange food color, which I omitted . Instead I added Kesari Gulab Doodh masala , which gave it a wonderful flavor.

The halwa paratha is my post for BM 32 , under the theme street Food with the alphabet "H".

Dough for paratha
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tbsp ghee / oil
Combine the ingredients and make a semi soft dough using water.
Cover and keep aside for 10 minutes.

100 gms semolina / sooji
100 gms sugar
100 gms ghee
250 ml milk
Heat ghee.
Roast semolina in ghee, till light pink.
Add milk and stir continuously.
Add sugar and the nut powder.
Place it on slow fire till ghee floats up.

Making the paratha
Roll out a big disc.
Apply ghee.
Make a ball from the halwa and place it in the center of the disc.
Seal the disc by bringing all the sides to the center,
Dust with flour.
Press the ball lightly and roll again, till the disc is about 1/4 " thick.
Roast on a gridle applying ghee and making it crisp.

The Paratha was a treat by itself, since I made mini ones, they finished very fast and were relished by all.The halwa was rich , and the badaam masala gave it a wonderful flavor and aroma.

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  1. wow wow such an delicious way to have halwa pudi :) loving this halwa stuffed paratha looks so yumm :)

  2. this is totally new to me... sounds really yummy, no wonder it disappeared!!!

  3. Wow so delicious halwa and Paratha ! Love your wonderful clicks ..

  4. Wow I would love to have a bite!!! looks so tempting... we make a dish called "Sooji Appam" where we make the outer layer of the paratha with semolina and the inner stuffing is like halwa.. this looks similar..

    so yummy!!


  5. Pretty delicious and very delicious street food for me..Drooling here.

  6. This looks like a rich street food. It is somewhat like poli we make in South only the filling is different...

  7. Love love love .. I wanna have some now.. , so yum!

  8. we make something similar, but this looks a lot more richer and elegant, very well presented

  9. wow what a drool worthy dish never heard of this stuffing ever before so yum and delicious it must have been.

  10. Wow.. Same I already tried will show on blog soon but little different style.. Hope everyone enjoy this too.

  11. wow what a unique paratha - would definitely love to try it

  12. Love it ..I make puran poli with sooji halwa stuffing, very similar to this..

  13. This is such a delicious treat..I am sure everybody would gobbled up this fast!

  14. This is similar to rawa bobbatlu/ poli that is made in A.P. Love the addition of badam flavor. It sounds so rich and delicious.

  15. This is my favourite sweet Paratha. Superb photos.

  16. This is totally new to me. Looks so rich and love that halwa on the side.

  17. We make a similar version with flour and call it appalu. It is my favorite and so I know already that these are yummy. :)

  18. There is a dish like this in Tamilnadu as well called the Sojji Appam or Sooji Appam...I would love to eat this right now :) very tempting..

  19. I don't think anyone would have minded a bigger version of this as well! I have come here, seen and drooled over this post so much...yet I never realized that I havent commented here...Vaishali - this halwa and the presentation is a pleasure for the eyes! Beautifully done...

  20. Yumm is the word Vaishali...Very tempting!!

  21. I think these are called sanjorya. The ones I had were not as delicious but.