Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom..A Scrap Page on Mom's 80th Birthday

This is a scrap page I have made for my dear is her 80th birthday and I could not think of a gift..this is a small way of saying Thank you to her and wishing her the best of everything in life.

It was my elder brother who called me to plan something for mom..well we are having a family get together where my brothers and their spouse and my hubby and I are all getting together to surprise her. A small party shall follow with close family members.

I used canvas to make the base of the frame and have used mount board to give a 3d effet .Since mom is fond of laces and ribbons, she knits, she paints, she stitches .I wanted to add at least some of her passions on this page.

I wanted to write so much on this page but there are things which we need not say...and they just reach the person...telepathy!!..yes mom believes in it without saying anything...i know she will understand what we as her children want to tell sure a very Special Mom...and Thanks for what we are today!

A very Happy Birthday!!

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  1. Happy birthday to your mom, lovely scrapbook, very thoughtful..

    We need her blessings, convey my wishes to her.

  2. Many happy returns of the day to your mom Vaishali. Great job with the scrapbook.

  3. wow such an lovely thought and love decorated scrap page :) love each and every click well done dear :)

  4. Happy birthday to your Mom Vaishali.
    Thisis an awesome gift love it.

  5. This is coming late, but please pass on my (belated) birthday wishes to your mom! And this is a great gift to give.your mom must have been really happy!