Friday, September 13, 2013

Kulle ke Chaat

BM # 32 Week 2
Theme: Street Food
Cooking with Alphabets " K ''

I was introduced to the Kulle Chaat about five years ago.My brother 's office is in the walled city of Delhi. During my stay in Delhi, he makes it a point to get a different chaat every evening.He knows my love for these . As a kid I have lived in the old city and have tasted and eaten at almost all food joints.I am familiar with all the street food available, but this Kuliya was new to me. Kulle or Kuliya as they are called are made by scooping out the different vegetables and fruits.You could call them vegetable and fruit cups.These are filled with zero sized chick peas and pomegranate pearls , spiced with black chaat masala and drizzled with lemon juice.

The best kuliyas are available at Hira Lal CHaat Waale, who is located in Chawri Bazar .Chawri Bazar has a huge paper market and is a busy area.It is practically impossible to go there during the day , so normally we get them home.

The most popular vegetables and fruits used to make these cups are potatoes, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, banana, apple, pineapple, mango. one can use boiled potatoes, and sweet potatoes but I normally roast them in the tandoor. These impart a wonderful flavor on their own.

Choice of vegetables and fruits and their preparation
Choose big sized potatoes, boil or roast.
You could also choose potatoes of even small size.
Cut it into two halves.
Scoop the center,
Chop a little from the bottom so that the cup can stand.
Sprinkle salt.

Sweet Potato
Roast and peel the sweet potato.
Cut into 2 inch length pieces.
Scoop and sprinkle salt.

Peel the cucumbers.
Cut into 2 inch pieces.
Scoop and sprinkle salt.

Chop 1/4 from the top and just a wee bit from the bottom so the cup can stand.
Scoop out the pulp and sprinkle salt.

Peel the banana, cut into two.
Making V slits scoop out length wise.
Similarly one can use different fruits to make these cups.

Chick peas...these have to be the mini ones which are normally used by the Delhi chaat wallas.
Pomegranate pearls

Other Ingredients
Chaat masala
Lemon juice
Coriander leaves

I chilled these fruits and vegetables.I also chilled the filling.Once these both are chilled just fill the cups, drizzle masala and lemon juice.

This chaat is not spicy, yet the flavor imparted by the combination of fruit vegetable and lentil is amazing.I have served this as a biting with drinks and my guests have loved these simple yet attractive and delicious cups .

While you guys are reading this post probably I would be enjoying these Kulliyas in Delhi with Mom, It is her 80th Birthday today .Harpy Birthday Ma.We love you!!

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  1. Completely a new chaat food for me, incredible and delicious.. I'll go for that tomato one.

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  12. Wow They look amazing Vaishali. Belated wishes to your mom...

  13. During my recent trip to India, I was in Delhi but being a visitor, I didn't have the time or the guts to savor the street food. Your each nostalgic post about the Delhi street food makes me feel sorry about myself for not trying it first hand. However the great part is I get to know the recipes through you and hopefully I will try them one by one leisurely.

  14. another delicious chaat from you... Bookmarking it!!


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