Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Orange Sandesh

BM # 32 Week 3
Cuisine: Bengali
Cooking with alphabets " O"

Sandesh is a classic sweet from Bengal .It is made from cottage cheese and sugar.I love the way Bengali's pronounce it Sondesh, it sounds so sweet.The first time I made sandesh was for holi and made my favorite flavor , yes it was rose sandesh. This time I decided to make a stuffed Sandesh.

Making a sandesh is very simple and gets done in a jiffy. The taste is also very pleasing , In fact I loved this orange citrusy flavor. These can be moulded to any shape, it is as though you are working with clay. Traditionally these were  put into leaf shaped mould but now the mithai shops have so many new shapes and stuffing's.  Some of them are presented very beautifully.i had some of the candied oranges left  which I used for my coffee orange cake so I used them to garnish the orange sondesh.

For the outer layer
1 liter cow’s milk
2 tsp vinegar / lemon juice
1/8 cup powdered sugar
A drop of orange flavoring
Boil the milk.
Add vinegar, the milk will curdle.
Switch off gas .
Strain the curdled milk in a cheese cloth.
Place this under a running tap, this shall remove the  tarty flavor from the cheese.
Place it in a non stick pan.
Add sugar and cook till dry.
It shall be sticky in the beginning.
Once it dries up remove from the pan, add the flavoring and knead it well.
Do check the sugar, before stuffing.

2 oranges ,pulp
1 tsp of the outer layer
Sugar to taste
Orange flavoring, few drops
Mix all  and cook till there is no moisture.
Cool and stuff.

How to go about
Pinch out a small ball from the outer layer mix.
Make a ball and then flatten it.
Place 1/4 tsp of the stuffing in the center.
Bring the sides together thus forming a ball.
Garnish with candied orange and mint leaf.

The size and the shape of the Sandesh can vary.The quantity of the stuffing too is your own choice.

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  1. omg very very delicious and cute looking orange stuffed sandesh :) looks super cute and love the presentation a lot !! am drooling here !!

  2. What a flavordul sandesh.. I can imagine the flavor and aroma of orange in this.. yummyy!!

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  6. Sandesh by itself is very yummy and an addition of stuffing is so yummy and so mouth watering!!!


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  11. You have sent me back to my teenage days with this recipe. When We were living in Bangalore, K C Dass had opened a shop of Bengali Sweets just within walking distance from our house. Every day I would go and get Sandesh from there and Orange Sandesh was my favourite.
    Yours looks almost the same. Delicious.

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