Friday, September 27, 2013

Wontons with Dates and Sesame

BM # 32    Week 4
Theme: International 

Cuisine: Chinese
Cooking with alphabets "W"

Wontons are  Chinese samosas.These are really light as they are filled with very small quantity of filling.Its amazing to know that there are numerous ways to fold these .The basic wrapper is same , and it is normally cut into a square but the folding techniques vary.The fillings vary from different kinds of meats, but I have tried a sweet version of these.

I remember eating a wonton version with a date filling, I added sesame for the crunch and served with chocolate ice cream and some fresh fruits.

Wonton wrappers
2 cups flour
Water as needed
Sieve the flour.
Adding warm water bind the dough.
Knead till smooth and elastic
Roll into a big disc.
Cut even sized squares for wontons.
The same dough can be used for crispy noodles and Chinese money bags.

1/4 cup sesame seeds, roasted, coarsely ground
1/2 cup dates, finely chopped
1 tsp butter
Sugar to taste / optional
In a non stick pan add butter.
Add the chopped dates and crushed sesame seeds.
Add sugar if required.
Let the mix dry.
Keep aside.

Assembling wontons
Using a square wonton sheet place a little stuffing on the front .
Fold the wrapper diagonally , over the will get a triangle.
Bring the edges on both sides in the center and join them with milk.
Deep fry till golden.
Sprinkle Icing sugar.

Serving Style
Wontons should be served warm.These can be relished just the way they are.
You could serve these with drizzled honey.
Serve them with vanilla ice cream.
I served them with fresh fruits along with some chocolate ice cream and drizzled some chocolate sauce.

I had created this post while it was peak summers , when the mangoes and cherries were in full swing, but how ever hard I tried I could not save the ice cream from let us call it chocolate ice cream sauce!! Trust me even the melted ice cream tasted absolutely divine with the combo of wontons, mangoes and cherries. 

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  1. very very yummy and healthy combo for filling :) so perfectly shaped wontons looks superb .. love the the serving style with choco ice cream and chocolate sauce and fruitts .. am drooling so sinful !!!

  2. Just wow, wontons with my favourite dates and sesame filling..Feel like having some..

  3. Vaishali, for latkes you can replace it with all purpose flour, if you are using besan it may tastes like vegetarian omelette.. Hope this helps.

  4. Oh you made the wrappers, how fantastic..everything looks so yum Vaishali!

  5. What a yummy looking wontons.. too tempting.. LOVE you presentation.

  6. sesame and dates are made for each other!!! love them used in a wonton.. so delicious and different!!


  7. Viashali, you made the wrappers?????Looks awesome and love the combo of the filling

  8. That is a very unfair tease!! Absolutely mouthwatering stuff!!

  9. what a delightful dessert wonton - I can't believe you made the wrappers!

  10. WOw . wow and only wow for every recipe..

  11. Wontons with date stuffing looks so delicious ! Wondful post .....

  12. Just these wontons will be like a sweet and crisp dessert.

  13. I know that wonton are a great favorite with people, but somehow I prefer the simpler version of momos! THese look great and the choice of filling is very different :)

  14. Looks yum. I want to try wontons between you anPJ I am all set to makethem.