Fruit Monsters for Groovy Gourmets

This month's challenge at groovy gourmets was announced a little late, but I worked on it right away.I will be traveling to Japan for a two month trip , so decided to finish the challenge.

This months theme is actually very interesting and there is so much one can do, though I decided to do something really simple and quick.We had to do something spooky for Halloween and I used some fruits to make these monsters.

Silvered almonds
Cut the fruit into quarters.
Cut out a smaller wedge, which you can eat right away.
Stick the silvered almonds in place of teeth.
Place them in a tray and pour some strawberry sauce.
There you are you get a true monster.
These could also be made with apples, in that case immerse them in some lime juice for a while so that they do not discolor.
Somehow I loved the kiwi and orange monsters.

I made these when my grand kids had come to spend a day with me. I had put these on the table before they came and as soon as they came and saw these monsters they went into peels of laughter and along with them we all too stared laughing. This went on for a while and while I write this I am still smiling at the way the little kids laughed at these monsters They refused to eat them..finally they made me eat and the only thing they did was laugh.

13th oct happens to be my hubby's birthday...but I am mum..if he knows I am posting Monsters on his Birthday he will surely kill me!!..all the same I cant resist wishing a Happy Birthday...with Monstrous Happiness and love!!

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