BM # 35   Week 4   Day 1

For the last week of this marathon I shall be cooking Gujarati food.For today it is Khichyu which is served for breakfast. Khichyu is nothing but rice flour which is mixed with water , mildly spiced and cooked. It is then topped with some spicy masala and groundnut oil .The oil is drizzled quite lavishly, one surely can avoid it, but of course the taste with oil is any day better.

This is actually quite simple and is very light minus the oil. I love to treat myself to this wonderful Khichyu at least once a week for breakfast. No, I do not cook it myself , We have a street vendor with the name..... Maasi nu Khichyu . This guy has a van which is right outside the temple that my hubby visits every day. So while he is praying , I get it packed and wait to reach my work desk where I gorge on this piping hot Khichyu.

1 cup rice flour
1 green chilly , crushed
1 tsp cumin seed
Salt to taste

Boil the water with the crushed green chilly and cumin seed.
Slowly add the rice flour, stirring continuously , so that no lumps are formed.
After you finish adding all the rice flour, it will become like a semi soft lump.
Remove from fire and serve.

This is how we get in the market, but there is another version of Khichyu which needs to cook further....
Continue from where we left..

Remove from fire and place it in a big bowl to cool.
Knead this as though you are kneading a dough.
Make balls out of it, making a thumb impression in the center.
Steam them for 5-10 minutes.

Sprinkle methia masala.
Drizzle groundnut oil.
If you do not have ground nut oil, you could use any other oil.

This can also be served with curd and Garlic chutney.

Pics of the vendor selling Khichyu

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