Happy Birthday Sneha..with a Flip Flop Book!!

Happy Birthday!!

It has been a real long time since I picked paper to do a scrap book.Making one for my would be daughter in law was on my mind ever since my son got engaged, but something or the other kept postponing it.It is her Birthday today and I guess a little book seemed a perfect way to wish her.

Happy Birthday Sneha!!

Your parents had their share of having a wonderful daughter like you, now it is our turn to experience the feeling of having a wonderful daughter like you.

Welcome to our Family!!

God Bless You!!

..here is the book which was inspired by a video on you tube.

I used a belt buckle to adorn the binding of the book.

The heart and flower charm have been glued with a mini cake made of clay.This was my last shopping from Japan!!

This is how the book opens.Two folds on the right side and one on the left .

left side opens into another page.

Inside pockets on the left flap have been stamped.

The center has the sentiment..Happy Birthday!

The bottom flap with a pocket and tag.

here you can see that the book opens on all four sides.

The right side flap has four pockets with different tags

Some tags!!

some of the pockets...

the top of the flap with the initial 'S '..and a penguin pin to add more tags.



and more pockets!!

This is how I closed the book.... ...the right side flap

left side flaps...

bottom flap...

top flap...

the second fold of the left flap...

back of the book.

I adorned the cover page with a crochet ribbon pass lace and tied it with an organza ribbon

I placed the book along with chocolates in a box..

This is the box that I created ...coordinating with the book

finally tied it with similar organza ribbon

Once again loads of love and wishes to our dear daughter Sneha.

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