Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sattu - Rajasthan Speciality

BM  # 39
Day: 24
State: Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the neighboring state of Gujarat and one of my favorite cuisine hails from this state. I have grown up with lot of Rajasthani friends and some how till date click with the people of this community. Even though I have always attended their festivals and had their special dishes I had not tasted Sattu , which is a special sweet made on Kajrari Teej.

Kajrari Teej is also called as Badi teej, Kajli Teej or Satudi Teej. One of the major festivals of Rajasthan which is mainly celebrated by women whether married or unmarried. Mostly married women fast on this day. The festival is celebrated for the long life of husbands . Unmarried girls pray to God for giving them a good husband.the fast begins at sunrise and ends after they see moon in the sky and this fast is ended by eating Sattu.

This is a very colorful festival where the women dress up in colorful clothes and put henna on their hands and feet. They wear lots of glass and Laakh bangles.they are practically loaded with jewelry. A nose ring must adorn a Rajasthani lady on this day. All the ladies of the family get together to perform pooja. Ladies from the neighborhood join in the pooja. One is mesmerized with the colorful clothes and jewelry that they wear. One can see shades ranging from yellows, oranges to blood red and hot pinks.

Coming to Sattu , Sattu is made from roasted channa , powdered sugar and ghee. You get special Sattu flour which is roasted and ready to use. One just needs to add sugar and  warm ghee is gradually added to this mix . You have to start crumbling it with hands. If you take some of this mix in your palm and press it you will see that it go on adding ghee and you will be able to bind it. One has to use both the hands to shape it .

This roasted flour is available in Kolkatta and my niece who is married into a Rajasthani family got it specially for me, but Valli tells me that it is available in Chennai also.

Coming to the recipe...
1 big cup Sattu atta
3/4 cup sugar powdered
1/2 cup ghee, (this is approximate measurement )
Mix the Sattu atta with powdered sugar.
Put the ghee on heat and once luke warm, start adding it to the sugar and flour mix.
Crumble and mix , this will start forming .
Form into a big round dome shape.
Garnish with silver leaf, saffron and almonds.
Leave it out for a while and it will solidify.

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  1. Omg, wat a beautiful sattu, i can happily have a piece of it anytime. I need to make some sattu ka atta at home to give a try to this droolworthy special.

  2. that looks delicious Vaishali ji!! loved the last click..

  3. i was so curious to read about this recipe ever since i saw it on FB ...this is a new recipe for me and glad you posted it here, i am in love with sattu flour and its taste, more for the fact that it is so healthy...i will make this one for Shlok this weekend

  4. The dish looks great especially the top picture. It is so rich!

  5. comes the famous sattu!...your sweet has turned out so well Vaishali! the dome looks like it has been cooked or steamed. Amazing that you have just mixed it together...lovely shape and very nice reading about the festival. For some of the poojas, my mom makes a prasad of ground roasted gram, mix with sugar or jaggary and offer. This is a must on our Telugu new year's day and during navaratri...though I see her doing it every week..:)

  6. That sounds like a simple recipe to make, but looks so rich and delicious.

  7. Looks so sinful. Such a traditional sweet and I am sure different versions of this are made across the country!

  8. O man this is delicious. I was wondering what cake you have made. Mama mia I want this its amazing. Will make it for sure is rains okay to make this? Most of my friends are on leave.:D

  9. That is one different dish! Looks so good...

  10. Simple yet rich and delicious sattu,sounds new to me...

  11. Nice to read about the festival Vaishali and the dish looks very tempting. It was during this BM that I used Sattu and I love the taste. Bookmarked once again :)

  12. This is such a simple recipe but looking at it, it looks like a laborious task. Thanks for posting the recipe.

  13. Such an interesting recipe ...wonderful !

  14. what an interesting dessert - would like to try

  15. A very traditional and a famous rajasthani sweet we never forget to make it for rakhi looks fabulous dear :) you have made it so delicious and very well presented :)

  16. loved the details of the festival.. sweet looks interesting