Monday, May 26, 2014

Grape and Orange Cooler

BM # 40
Week 4   Day 3

I have yet another cooler for the 3rd day . This is one of my personal favorites. The main ingredient any cooler is imagination...I keep trying and testing various combinations and if like something jot it done.These coolers can look exotic and have a high visual appeal.For making a good appealing cooler one should use liquids of different densities, so that they don't easily mingle.

One must make sure to chill everything that is required to make a drink.
First the glass that you have to serve in, then your juice, crush and the drinking soda. Everything should be really chilled.You could prepare your garnishes in advance and chill them too. 

For this particular drink I used ...
Orange Crush
Fresh black grape juice
Drinking soda

A black grape threaded in a satay stick.

Pour orange crush in the glass.
Pour the grape juice, but be gentle.
Next top it up with drinking soda .
Garnish and serve immediately.

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  1. OMG, the grape and orange cooler looks so lip-smacking. I want to make some....great ideas for Summer!

  2. Very neat and elegant presentation.. Lovely cooler, very attractive.

  3. Nice styling! The drink is inviting and could not take my eyes off the pictures last night, when I saw it in my feedly.

  4. Very beautiful presentation ...lovely cooler..

  5. What a lovely combination and the clicks are just perfect.

  6. Excellent presentation ! Bookmarking this ;))

  7. Lovely presentation. The colors look stunning next to each other.

  8. Very nicely presented Vaishali...the colours really stand out!

  9. Love the way it is arranged in layers. How come the grape juice doesn't get settled at the bottom?

    1. Sumatra the bottom layer is a crush,and quite dense, the juice has to be poured very slowly and you have to tilt the glass or jar while doing so...whenever trying make sure the denser liquid goes at the bottom.

  10. Very beautifully presented..Love the grapes on top :)

  11. Vaishali I want this cooler. How I wish I could just grab the jars off the screen. I threw out all my glass bottles why did I do that?