Kiwi Kooler

BM # 40
Week 4    Day 2

On the second day of this week, it is a Kiwi Kooler. Coolers are normally a fusion of juices and garnishes.I used fresh kiwi crush to which I added some basic syrup and topped it with sprite. If you do not want to make the basic syrup, you could use sugar also!

While making mock tails one of the basic ingredient is syrup, if we have the basic syrup, we can add any flavoring and the taste varies instantly.

To make the basic syrup one need to boil sugar and water.

500 gms sugar
2 cups water
Boil the sugar with water, make sure you stir continuously till the sugar is dissolved..Reduce the flame and let cook till you reach a thicker consistency.Cool, Strain and store.

Coming to the recipe
2 cups crushed ice
4 tsp sugar syrup
2 kiwis, 
Drinking soda

Save two slices from kiwi., peel and chop the rest.
Put it in a mixie adding the sugar syrup.
Crush and pour it into two tall glasses.
Add crushed ice and top with drinking soda.
Garnish with a slice of kiwi.

Indulge and Enjoy

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