Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beet Root Idlis and Sprouts for Kids Lunch Box

BM # 41  Week 2   Day 2

Mini idlis have always been a favorite with kids, they are a hit at parties as well as in lunch boxes. For Day 2 in the lunch box series I have packed Idlis...some regular some with beet root. Beet root is not only healthy but it also lends a beautiful color to these idlis. To make it a completely healthy and delicious lunch, I packed some gram sprouts with salt and lemon. Fruits are another important part of the lunch box, so I have threaded some gets easier for the kids to pick and eat.I did not have any kids around when I made this but my grand kids would surely love this kind of a lunch.

Today's lunch box has...

Sprouted Gram 
Mini Idlis

Sprouted Gram

1/2 cup moong beans
Soak the beans overnight.
Drain the water and tie them in a muslin cloth.
Place them in a cool dark place for at least 24 hours.
You will be able to see the bean sprouts.
How ever the length of the sprouts may be small, but if you keep it for another 24 hours you will be able to get bigger sprouts.
These sprouts can be stored in refrigerator.
While packing these for children boil them with salt and a pinch of turmeric.
Drain the excess water.
Drizzle lemon juice .
One can add chaat ,masala or roasted ground cumin too.
One can also add chopped onions and tomatoes, but since it was for a lunch box. I avoided these.

Beet root Idli
For beet root idli, you just have to grate some beet root and mix lightly in the idli batter.
Steam the idlis right away.

Also linking it to Kid's Delight hosted by Jayanthi this month.

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  1. Another yummy lunch box. I love the way the grapes are threaded. Are those mini skewers? I am sure your grandchildren would have loved this lunch box.

  2. Wow wow Vaishali, my kids will go gaga if I were to pack like this..will surely get more ideas from you...very nice lunch!

  3. Omg, so many healthy ideas, seriously who will say no to this nutrients packed lunch.

  4. Very lovely idea for kids lunch box .. I like those beet idlis !

  5. y just ur grand kids vaishali...even i would go crazy seeing such a beautifully packed lunch box, you take so much efforts and it is definitely worth a lot of praise.

  6. I like your bento style presentation. Any kid would love to have this in their packed lunch.

  7. I love the idea of threading the fruits so that they eat on it.. Beetroot idlis are a great idea ! Where do u generally get those fruit skewers Vaishali ? What kind of store ??

  8. Colorful idlis and those grapes look so great! Nice lunch box idea Vaishali!

  9. colorful idlis will be so appealing to kids

  10. Another colorful looking spread,looks awesome....Wonderful idea.

  11. Love those colorful idlis. Unfortunately my son doesn't like beets or carrots, I might have to try this one with spinach or something green. Thanks for the ideas.

  12. Love these colorful idlis. The sprouts add an interesting dimension to the lunch box.

  13. That sure is one healthy lunch.