Ice Cream Fruit Salad

BM # 41   Week 3   Day 3

How would you feel if you are given a delicious chilled bowl of fresh fruits, beautifully dunked in ice cream and cream.? Well the bowls that you see here are those chilled ones..and they were made by my daughter in law. I was quite surprised when she gave me one of those asking how it has turned out...Cream is something I dare not touch so was hesitant, but this was a mix of cream and ice cream, making it lighter. Could I ask for more ..a beautifully chilled dessert ...and absolutely no effort!....Must say it truly is a blessing to have a daughter in the house.These beauties were gorgeous and I licked off the bowl.

1 cup fresh whipped cream
1 cup vanilla ice cream
Assorted fresh fruits
Icing sugar to taste
Mix the cream, ice cream icing sugar and fruits.
Serve them in individual bowls.
Garnish with orange, grapes and strawberry or what ever seasonal fruit you have.

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