Layered Lentil Salad

BM # 41   Week 3   Day 2

Summer is the time when you really want to indulge into chilled stuff. I have a passion for salads and this particular salad is something that I have been eating ever since I was a kid. It is just that I have changed the serving style to make individual servings. The trick to any good salad is serve it really chilled.For this salad I chilled all the ingredients separately and then layered them and chilled them again. The salad is made with Moth beans, which have been sprouted.There is no particular recipe for this one, it is just layering the different salad ingredients. You could mix them all together and serve in a bowl. My Day2 entry on Summer Special.

Here is what I have used...

Sprouted boiled Moth / Matki beans / Turkish gram
Boiled Potatoes, chopped into small cubes
Onions, finely chopped
Cucumbers, finely chopped
Tomatoes, finely chopped
Green chilly
Mint leaves
Chaat Masala
Salt to taste
Lemon Juice
Add salt , chaat masala and lemon juice to the moth, potatoes, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes.
Arrange these into layers.
Garnish with chilly and mint leaves.
Chill and serve.

I must tell you this is one of the most popular street foods available in Delhi, it is only that I have served in a different style.

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