Orange Coffee

BM # 41   Week 3   Day 1

We begin with the third week of this marathon and I shall be making Summer Recipes. For Day 1 it is Orange Coffee. I made this coffee for my son and he loved it.He was with me in the kitchen while I prepared this and after drinking the coffee he said had he not seen me making it he would have never believed that this was home made. He felt I should open a coffee cafe.With one coffee recipe a coffee cafe..I just laughed out. Your children really know how to make you happy.

Orange Coffee
200 ml milk
2 tb sp orange crush
1 tbsp coffee
Sugar to taste
Crushed ice
Blend all the ingredients to get a nice frothy coffee.

Slice of orange
Coffee powder
2 tbsp orange crush

Take a tall glass and pour orange crush near the rim of the glass.
Rotate the glass so that the crush forms a pattern.
Place the glass in the deep freeze for 10-15 minutes.
Pour the prepared coffee in the glass and garnish.


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