Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pav Bhaji Frogs

BM # 42  Week 2 Day 1

We start with the second week and for this week I have chosen Easy Tiffins. .These recipes are for those in between times when you want to have a satisfying bite but not a meal. I am doing the edible art theme in the last week and some how while working on those got carried away so I am catering to kids this week , of course grown ups can indulge too.

For Day 1 I made these cute frogs . You could make a nice mix vegetable stuffing and stuff the pav with it along with salad. I am a great fan of Pav Bhaji so decided to stuff Pav Bhaji . But make sure this bhaji is quite dry , else it will keep popping out the minute you take a bite .

These are simple to make and what you need is
Bhaji / stuffing
Slit the pav, apply butter generously.Specially on the top .
Place some salad.
Place the bhaji.
Place a cucumber slice,for the tongue and make eyes with olives.

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  1. hahaha..that's so cute Vaishali, I can never for the life of me, get to be so creative in food..I am so looking forward to next week..:)

  2. Lovely one ! It surely looks like a frog ;)) will try it for the kids soon !

  3. Pav bHaji frogs, they are damn cute, how i can i eat this..Cute presentation.

  4. Omg , those frogs looks so cute , i would love to try this for my daughter...

  5. That is so boys would love this. I don't know if I will have as much as patience as you :)

  6. OMG! My kids were looking at the pictures and were pestering me as to why I don't make food interesting like these! :)