Friday, July 18, 2014

Beet and Spinach Tikki

BM # 42 Week 3 Day 2

I had never tried beet root tikkis and when my daughter in law suggested to make these I wondered how they would taste.I was truly surprised to eat them as they were really very delicious, I could never think that this root which I use only for salads could give us such a healthy snack.We made the tikkis and they got over in seconds, I could not even think of clicking. Ever since they were on my mind and with the healthy lunch box theme I decided to make these in a mini version . I added spinach and rolled them in sesame seeds. Sesame gave it a wonderful crunch and spinach made it more healthy and colorful. Well this is a different version than the ones my daughter in law made but I shall definitely post her version too.

Coming to the recipe...
2 beet roots, boiled and grated
1 potato, boiled, mashed
Handful of finely chopped spinach
1 tsp ginger, garlic , chlly paste
1 slice bread , made into crumbs
Pinch garam masala
Few drops lemon juice
Salt to taste
Sesame seeds for rolling
Mix all ingredients very well, except for sesame seeds.
Pinch out small balls and make them into mini pattys.
Roll them in sesame seeds and shallow fry till crisp and golden.

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  1. Tikkis are mouthwatering! Love the color of the tikkies and sesame seeds might have given it a nice crunch.

  2. wow another delicious combo and tikkis looks fantastic di :) love those till topping on them looks very nice :)

  3. You have so many ideas on these tikkis vaishali, it's amazing!..very nicely presented..

  4. Very interesting tikkis. Never tried tikkis with beetroot before

  5. Love ur presentation, personally i love this beets and spinach combo in tikkis..Damn attractive they are.

  6. Awesome color combo vaishali!! Using sesame.seeds for.coating is a bit different than the usual sooji/breadcrumbs.

  7. Very healthy and interesting tikkis with beets.

  8. Wow, love the healthy and colorful tikkis!

  9. Thats a very lovely combination Vaishali. They look Yum...

  10. Excellent combo. I shall try it out soon!