Cucumber Sandwich with Pink Lemonade for a Virtual Baby Shower

Sandwiches or stuffed toasts are the best and easiest breakfast one can choose from. A nice chilled drink or a cup of tea or coffee for the ones who like hot drinks, but for me it is always a chilled drink.Coming to today's post, I made this delicious Cucumber Sandwich from our BM friend Sapna's blog. No no, this is not a BM post where we are paired to cook...this is a special post  for a virtual baby shower which has been organized by the BM family. At BM we run a 3 day marathon every week and if you wish you can participate all four weeks, but two weeks are mandatory. Most of us at BM group have been participating since a very long time , and as such have become a family. Sapna has just moved in to Ireland and is about to have a baby. We cannot be with her to celebrate this joy , but surely we can express it and so here we are the BM family who join in to cook from her blog and post recipes all at a time. Sapna I hope you will love this Virtual Baby Shower.

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I picked to make the banana dessert, but unfortunately the chocolate meted while I clicked the pics, so I decided to make this cucumber sandwich. Sapna has a delicious Pink Lemonade on her blog which caught my eye, but since the strawberry season has already passed by I made it with strawberry crush. Some how I did not want to miss that. The combo of these two was my breakfast and I totally enjoyed it. 

Coming to the recipes

Cucumber Cheese Sandwich
2 sandwich bread slices
2 tablespoon cheese spread
1 cucumber , sliced
1 tomato , sliced
Basil powder
Black pepper
Salt to taste
Apply cheese spread on bread slices
Arrange cucumber and tomato slices , sprinkle basil , salt and pepper.
Sandwich with the other slice .
Grill or toast in toaster or just warm it over non stick griddle.
Slice and serve warm with tomato ketchup and a chilled drink.
I served it with Pink lemonade.

Pink Lemonade
2 tsp Strawberry Crush
Juice of 1 lemon
Sprite or any lemony drink
Ice cubes
Take a nice clean glass with strawberry crush.
Add crushed ice.
Squeeze the lemon in it.
Pour a lemony drink and stir.

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