Food Craft - Open Fish Sandwich

BM # 42  Week 4  Day 1

For the last week of this marathon I picked one of my favorite themes, Edible art. I really enjoy any kind of art work whether it is paper or food. Getting creative with food can be very interesting. The options are umpteen, but I decided to pick open sandwiches to try my art.

Children like food which is appealing to the eyes just like any of us.They get bored with the same sandwiches and a little twist with a little imagination the children would be really delighted. In fact get the ingredients ready and let them play around, they will enjoy and laugh at what they create, plus eat everything without a fuss.
For the first day it is a fish for breakfast...a fish with juicy cucumbers.

Things needed
Bread slices
Hung curd / Butter

How to go about
Apply a nice layer of salted hung curd to the bread slice.
Slice the cucumbers, and then cut them into half, so you get semi circles.
Blanch the carrots lightly and then cut them into circles with the help of a cutter.
Follow the picture to get that fish and bubbles.
You can get innovative and make a complete aquarium .

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