Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fruit Cream Pinwheel Sandwich

BM # 42  Week 3 Day 3  

Holidays are so much fun and they leave back some beautiful memories. This fruit cream sandwich immediately takes me back to Japan. While on my trip there my neice got amazing sandwiches from a place called Sandwich Factory.There were three four types but this cream one was the best and ever since I have thinking of trying and giving the sandwich a new avataar. So while working on my snack box theme for the 3rd day of the third week I made these pinwheel sandwiches filled with fresh whipped cream mango , banana and cherry.I packed these with a dipping sauce...and what better than chocolate ganache!

There is no recipe but I shall tell you how to go about..
What you need
Bread slices with sides trimmed.
Whipped cream
Chopped fruits

How to go about...
Using a rolling pin roll the bread slice a little thinner.
This will make it pliable .
Mix fruits with the whipped cream and apply a layer.
Gently roll up the slice, the filling might ooze out but never mind...just lick it up.
Taking a cling film, roll up the fruit roll and twist the edges tightly.
Place it in the frig to make it a little firm.
Remove after an hour, remove the cling film.
Cut into slices and dress them with a cherry.
Serve with Chocolate ganache.

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  1. Omg, this pinwheel sandwich looks just simply out of the world, mindblowing..

  2. This is such a kids friendly snack. Even adults would love it. Nice recipe.

  3. Vaishali, you are so creative!..this is such an awesome idea..will make for my kids sometime..and sure I will lick it up..hehehe..enjoyed this series so much..I should make you do this often!

  4. Wow.. what a colorful pinwheel sandwich... Its inviting me...

  5. Aww! I want them now!!! They look sooo tempting! ! I m definitely trying this !!

  6. Thats wonderful Vaishali. Best kid friendly dish.. :)

  7. What a novel idea! Very colorful, rich and I am sure very tasty too.

  8. What a colorful and tempting treat. Looks too good.

  9. OMG, an awesome kid friendly dish. Even my picky kid might eat that.

  10. Very creative and a sinful treat! Do send it to the Kids delight event..