Thursday, July 3, 2014

No Grain Pizza

BM # 42 Week 1 Day 1 

A typical Asian-Indian vegetarian diet is rich in carbohydrates . Almost 70-75% of Indian diet is comprised of carbohydrates. Chapati, Bhakri, Rice, Sago, Potato- all these common Indian foods are rich in carbs. Nowadays the trend is to have a low carb diet for health benefits. Is it really true? Are all carbs bad in reality? To judge it better, let’s first understand what the basic types of carbs are-
Carbs are of 2 basic types:
1. Complex carbs- Complex carbs are mostly all high fiber foods like whole grains, brown rice, leafy vegetables, beans, salads, whole fruits etc. They are digested slowly; thus release energy at a steady pace. Hence these are good for health.

2. Simple carbs- These carbs are rapidly digested & absorbed thus provide our body with instant energy. They are found in all refined flours & bakery products, sago, potato, sweets, fruit juices, soft drinks, alcohol etc. Simple/ refined carbs are directly linked to weight gain & risk of diabetes.

If taken in excess, carbs (especially simple carbs) are converted to fats. So for this week I have chosen to give you carb free or low carb recipes. These are healthy and satisfy the taste buds as well as the tummy.

For Day 1 it is a No Grain Pizza. I made a base with black eyed beans and topped it with the regular pizza puree. The dressings are the same as the regular pizza and we could choose according to our taste. I used cottage cheese , though I did use a bit of mozzarella for the kids.The pizza was as delicious as the ones we normally have , so I did not get any complains even from kids.

For the base
1 cup black eyed beans, soaked and boiled
1 potato, boiled
1/4 tsp chilly flakes
1/4 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp basil
Salt to taste
Mix and mash all ingredients.
Shape into big patty and cook on slow fire a non stick griddle, making the patty crisp.

Chopped onions
Boiled corn
Grated cottage cheese

Place the patty.
Spread the puree.
Sprinkle the toppings.
Grate some cottage cheese.
Bake for 5- 10 minutes.

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  1. The idea of eliminating grains from the base is a good idea. But the potato brings in the carbs. Nevertheless, pizza looks great!

    The non-vegetarians can try adding egg yolk to bind the beans for the base.

  2. Oh my Vaishali, that's superb..and love your knife..the entire pizza looks so inviting...

  3. Seriously this grainless pizza base sounds ultimate, i can happily have this pizza with some salads.

  4. No body can think about making a pizza with black eyed beans simply superb!!!!! and what beautiful colors you used for topping great recipe

  5. Excellent way to to make a carb free base!Hats off to your creativity. And love that knife :)

  6. Pizza looks so inviting and I love the topping also,...

  7. What an innovative and delicious pizza base.. Sounds so yummy. I'm love with that pizza knife :-)

  8. Interesting base ! Sounds like a crispy tikki with pizza toppings.