Saturday, July 5, 2014

Paalak and Sprouts Chaat

BM # 42   Week 1   Day 3

I enjoy eating salads and try to find Indian and spicy versions but at the same time love to convert therm into chaats.These sprouts and paalak wadas are one such version. I dressed these sprouts with lots of curd, added some cucumbers, tomatoes, a wee bit of boiled potato and made this into a irresistible dinner. Potatoes do have carbs but boiled potato is a good carb if taken in moderation.This goes for the 3rd day under Low Carbs theme. There is no recipe as such, it is just the way you assemble the dish, totally according to your liking .

I have used..
Boiled moong sprouts
Boiled Potatoes
Beaten curd
Tomatoes, chopped
Onion, chopped
 Green Chutney
Red garlic chutney
Dry spices
Black salt
Peeli Mirch / Red chilly
Chaat masala
Farsaan sev
Coriander leaves
Green Chilly, chopped

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  1. So colorful and delicious looking chaat.. Yumm!!

  2. Bookmarked. I have to try that palak wadas. You have proved that low carb dishes can be tempting too. :)

  3. Excellent chaat, i can finish that droolworthy plate of irresistible chaat rite now.

  4. Nice recipe.. Looks yummy .

  5. Wow love this combination Vaishali...very nicely assembled..enjoyed your low carb meal..

  6. What a tasty dish! I have to try it out.Am bookmarking all the three dishes in this series.

  7. Wow! that is an excellent chaat to have!

  8. So tempting and tasty chaat ! Lovely ....

  9. Tempting chaat.. I would finish that plate in no time.