Monday, August 11, 2014

Chola Methi na Dhokla / Steamed Lentil Cakes

BM # 43  Week 2  Day 2

I wonder how many of you have heard of Chola Daal ?These are split black eye beans, creamy white in color and have a black mark on their inner curve. This is a daal that looks very much like urad daal but slightly bigger. Gujarati homes use this daal for making Dhoklas and Dahi wadas. I remember eating these Dhoklas years back in a jain friends house. Ever since I have been wanting to make them, but some how land up making the Peela Dhoklas, which were my MIL'S speciality.With Valli announcing the Dhokla theme or this BM I got a chance to try these.

These dhoklas are really nutritious as they are full of greens Simple to make these definitely need pre planning. The daal needs to be soaked for 3-4 hours, methi needs to be finely chopped , but all that done it is very simple and the taste is really amazing. 

250 gms Chola daal
100 gms fenugreek, picked , washed and finely chopped
paste of 2-4 green chillies
1 tsp ginger paste
1/2 Cup curd
1 sachet ENO
Salt to taste
Wash the daal a couple of times and soak it for 3-4 hours.
Grind to a paste, along with salt and curd.
Mix the chilly ginger paste.
Place a steamer , and once the water starts boiling place a greased plate in it.
Mix in the methi leaves and ENO.
Pour ladle fuls of batter and stem till a skewer comes out clean.
When done remove and cut into pieces.
Heat oil.
Add mustard seeds and sesame seeds.
Temper .

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  1. wow dhokla with black eyed peas looks very delicious and so healthy one :) makes me hungry !! perfectly done di :)

  2. Nice one Vaishali, how come Chola daal has given white texture?'s chana dal only right or something else?..

    1. No Valli this is chola and not channa..chola is the black eyed the daal is white..will try to put a picture.

    2. Vaishali when I searched for chola dal, it gave all Cholar dal and it is channa dal..Anyway I know black eyed beans and we use it a lot as a fresh and dried..though I don't remember if I have used split cow pea..:)..thanks will look for this next time and make this..

  3. Wow lot of dhoklas.. Dunno which one to make first

  4. Very different from the usual one, black eyed beans in dhoklas that something am hearing for the first time.

  5. yummmm.. chola dal is similar to karamani I think (black eye peas or also called cow pea - comes in two varieties : white and brown, but both with a black 'eye'...)

  6. Chola daal is new to me. Will have to look for in the Indian store. Dhoklas look yumm!!

  7. We used the beans in our cooking but have never used the dal. Very nice. They look great!

  8. love how colorful and appetizing these look and black eyed peas are one of my fave beans

  9. Something new - split black eyed beans!! Wow! Very interesting.

  10. Vaishali, if I am not wrong these are small sized black eyed peas, right? Defintely bean dhoklas are healthy and filling.