Grape Porcupine

BM # 43  Week 3  Day 3

Today is the third and final day and I have to post one more post under healthy desserts for kids. Fruits if presented to kids in a special way they would never say no. So I decided to make this porcupine with pear and grapes. It looks great and is healthy too. Kids would love to pick up these grapes from sticks without any mess. This porcupine was created by my DIL and we all had fun picking the sticks just like kids.

What you need
Two cloves
Some tooth picks

How to go about
Choose a shape which is a perfect pear , else you need to shape it a bit.
Rub it with lemon juice, to avoid discoloration.
Thread the grapes and arrange them on the pear.
Make sure the pointed side of the tooth pick is up.
Fix the eyes with cloves.

Enjoy !!

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