Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Grilled Onion Potato Open Toast

BM # 44 Week 4 Day 3

Day 3 and we have yet another bread related recipe. By now you guys know that my son is an excellent cook, though he cooks rarely. He only cooks his favorite food, which when done tastes so so good. These grilled onion and Potato are an awesome combo and a specialty with him. This time I made them, as he was not around. A very simple dish but very very satisfying . I used boiled potatoes to make a quick roast, whereas my son always uses raw potatoes.Okay let me tell you how to go about.

Boiled Potatoes / raw potatoes
Fresh basil
Garlic cloves
Chilly flakes
Olive oil.
Cut rounds from potatoes and onions.
You could leave the skin on.
Place them on the baking tray.
Throw in the garlic cloves .
Sprinkle the spices lavishly.
Drizzle olive oil.
Bake them at 180 deg
Throw in the fresh basil just when these are about to be done.
Bake  till nice and crisp.
It took me just 10 minutes as I used my mini oven which has a grill. So please check in between and if you want you could flip these ones for even cooking.
Apply pesto butter on a bread toast .
Serve on this toasted No Knead Bread  or along with toasted bread.

The taste of the crisp crunchy onions is absolutely mind blowing, the roasted garlic along with the basil leaves and potatoes, is a combo which is truly one to die for.
Though I started with bread recipe under Tame the Yeast theme ,which was meant to be breakfast, I landed up making this into a Sunday Night dinner, with Pesto Butter and Grilled Onion and Potato .

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  1. What a delightful combo! The pictures look great!

  2. wow I love grilled veggies a lot on a toast is just wat i want :) looks very tempting !!

  3. What a delightful meal you have there Vaishali!..love this simple dish..

  4. Thats toast is very irresistible, i can happily invite myself to your place if i get this toast, very tempting.

  5. Love this idea Vaishali. Have to try this sometime.

  6. Love the open toast.. grilled veggies are always great

  7. Such a wonderul toast , i am imagining the taste of baked potatoes and onions .

  8. Even I love to eat grilled veggies..looks yummy..

  9. Am sure we would enjoy this one Vaishali. Looks so appetizing and your description is getting me hungry...

  10. Oh my, that potato & onion open face sandwich looks absolutely delicious. What a treat -- so yummy!!

  11. Potato onion open faced sandwich looks so filling and delicious.