Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oats Kheer

BM # 43  Week 3  Day 2

Kheers are so versatile and they give proper nutrition too to the kids. Some kids just do not like to drink milk , and one has to find  ways and means to incorporate milk in their diet .Kheer is one of the best ways to do that. Today I have made Oats kheer, which is my second days post under the theme healthy desserts for kids.

We always have some Indian sweets at home,so I have to use these somehow. I use these for kulfis and kheers. The Gulab Jamun Kulfi is a hit in the family. One can omit sugar when adding the Mithai to the kheer, but of course if one does not have mithai you can always use sugar.

Oats kheer
1/4 cup oats
1 lt milk
1/4 tsp cardamom powder
2-3 pieces kaju Katli
Sugar as required
Few strands saffron
Dry roast the oats.
First add 1/2 cup milk and let the oats cook.
If these do not cook then add more milk and cook further.
Add all the milk and let simmer.
Add cardamom, saffron and the kaju Katli.
This will make the kheer thick.
You could add sugar instead of the mithai also.
Remove from fire when it reaches the desired consistency.
Garnish with pistachios.

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  1. Very rich kheer. Kaju katli is a nice way to sweeten and thicken the kheer. Did you use steel cut oats or rolled oats?

  2. wow thats super healthy sweet :) I can finish them all , with kaju katli thats a very yummy twist to this kheer :) I even make use of the peda and burfis in making some unique dishes :) you have temped me di :)

  3. This kheer looks absolutely fantastic and i love that addition of kaju katli here..Damn delicious.

  4. hey nice twist. Kaju katli and oats yumm

  5. I love this idea of using mithais in kheer. Makes the kheer rich and decadent.

  6. That's such a delicious looking Kheer Vaishali..and what a innovative way to use sweets in these dishes..though I wish my kids eat indian sweets..

  7. Such a wonderful and healthy kheer . lovely...

  8. Very interesting way of adding kaju katli in the kheer!

  9. An interesting and healthy kheer.

  10. this is basically the Indian version of American breakfast oatmeal. one of my faves