Monday, August 4, 2014

Pizza Pesto Wontons

BM # 43 Week 1 Day 2

While making the pizza cups for Day 1 , I made extra dough so I could make these wontons for Day 2. I am a great fan of pesto and my love for it began in Japan some eight years back. I remember my daughter baking a pizza with pesto sauce and cheese, absolutely no tomato. I loved its aroma and at that point of time had no idea if this basil would be available in India. So my dear daughter made pesto and packed some basil too for me to carry to India. I came and that very day made a basil pizza for my son. It's been eight years now and now I laugh at myself for getting basil from Japan. It is so readily available at my local vegetable vendor.

My love for Basil has not died and so I made Almond pesto as the stuffing for these wontons. My son sweetly made some Chilly Garlic oil, which tastes awesome with any pizza or pizza bite.

Almond Pesto
1/2 cup basil leaves
Handful almonds
2-3 cloves garlic
2 tbsp olive oil
2 green chilly
1/2 tsp lemon juice
Salt to taste.
Blend to a paste, make sure it is not very runny.

Preparing the wontons
Cut circles from the dough.
Place the pesto in the centre.
Place some grated cheese on top.
Using both your hands, bring the sides to the centre to form the wonton shape.
The moisture from pesto will take care of sealing it, so no need to apply water.
Place them on a tray and bake till crisp.

Chilly Garlic Oil
Heat 1/2 cup olive oil.
Let it smoke.
Switch off the gas.
Throw in crushed red chilly.
Add finely chopped garlic.
Add pinch of salt.
Cover and let the flavours infuse.
Once cool store in a bottle.

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  1. I have some wonton wrappers. Will try these bite size snacks

  2. Very attractive wontons, i love pesto pizzas very much,obviously i can have this wontons anytime.

  3. wow very attarctive pizza in form of pesto wontons :) I wud love try pizza in this form !!

  4. These bite sized pizza look attractive besides being yummy.

  5. Wontons looks delicious .. Ohh chilli garlic oil in the cup awesome!

  6. That's one fantastic version Vaishali..great for kids party and elders as well..:)..I am not sure basil is available in my market..don't remember seeing it though..

  7. Sounds interesting, looks so awesome...

  8. very interesting wontons, looks tempting!

  9. yummy and attractive Vaishali. The pesto is very tempting as well.

  10. OMG what a tempting snack that is. Love the pesto wontons and that chili oil pic is just super.

  11. What an innovative snack!Looks cute and yum!