Pizza Pinwheels

BM # 43 Week 1 Day 3

Pinwheels look so pretty. They are so versatile and one has so many options for these.One can try savoury and sweet versions both. Bake or non baked , I love these little bites. With the pizza theme I decided to try pizza pinwheels.I tried these twice.the first time I made these I used grated cheese and put a layer of olive inside.

Unfortunately the bread that day was rather crumbly and I was not very happy with the texture. The taste was amazing and everyone loved them.Since I was not happy with the texture I made these again, the very next day.This time the bread was perfect and rolled very well , I put in a cheese slice and rolled it up. After baking the cheese popped out from a few places and that is the time I realised that grated cheese was better. These pizza pinwheels will be made again, but for now I do not have the energy to try them the third time. The taste of the second version  was equally good.

These are the Day 1 Pinwheels with crumbled texture.

And some more Pinwheels
Strawberry Grape Pinwheels
Olive and Capsicum Pinwheels
Fruit Cream Pinwheel Sandwich

Some more Pizza Variations
Pizza Cups
Pesto Pizza Wontons
Pizza Toastie
No Grain Pizza
Jasuben Pizza
Nawabi Pizza
Pizza Pull Apart Bread

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