Monday, September 8, 2014

Vegetarian Sausages


Now whenever you read the word sausages you always refer to them as a non vegetarian dish.While cooking Full English Breakfast for Great Britain, I observed that all English Breakfasts served sausages and eggs. Since I am a vegetarian, I could not place the egg in that breakfast , but I could try making the vegetarian sausages . After a cook search, I realized that most of the vegetarian versions used eggs to bind them. Combing three four recipes I made my very own version of these sausages. 

The sausages came out pretty good, and since I had steamed and not fried, unlike our Indian snacks, they were enjoyed by everyone. I did wish I had added a wee bit of soy sauce or food color to give them that color and deceptive look , but all the same I was quite happy with the outcome.

Vegetarian sausages
1 cup mixed vegetables, minced
4 slices bread
1 tsp ginger - garlic paste
Salt to taste
Steam the minced vegetables.
Pulse the bread in a mixer.
Add to the steamed vegetables.
Add ginger garlic paste, salt and pepper .
Mix very well with hands and form a dough.
Roll like sausages and steam for 8-10 minutes.
Remove from steamer and sauté in a pan with a few drops of oil.

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  1. Vegetarian sausages turned out perfect. They look like meat ones. Nice replication of sausages.

  2. Wow! Those look just like sausages. You took a lot of effort to make this breakfast.

  3. That is one delicious recipe vaishali!! Similar to our kebabs@@@

  4. Thats a brilliant idea of making this vegetarian sausages.

  5. Vegetarian sausages or kebabs are looking so colorful and delicious.

  6. At first I thought it was made with besan and then I saw the recipe. Good choice of using bread as a binder. The sausages look so good Vaishali...

  7. Veg version of the sausages sounds so flavorful !

  8. i made vegetarian sausages too for german meal..atleast we can now enjoy sausages :). the breakfast looks awesome and so professional

  9. Wow! I love these sausages. The others I know of , well the smell does not agree with me. These I will make for the girls soon enough. You knwo them too well and were right they will love an English breakfast.