Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vietnamese - Pan Fried Chilies

I am a great fan of chilies. I do not like to add too much chilly in my food, but like it on the side. With Indian dishes I love that spicy tiny green chilly with a bit of salt and lemon, the chilly is so fiery that at times I leave it half way through. Then of course I like the dry preserved chilies which are fried. There is yet another version of chili which I stuff with dry spices and cook. Well, I have yet to blog those, as it is one of my favorite recipes.

The minute I saw these pan fried chilies on a Vietnamese blog, I immediately decided to make them. The issue was to get these Serrano chilies. these are chilies which are half green half red..chilies which turn red. I was to make the Vietnamese meal on a Sunday and I kept looking for these chilies a week before, but even after going to different vendors I could not get them. I gave it up.The Sunday morning we had elections and our voting center was at a school in a narrow lane. My husband parked the car right in front of a vegetable vendor. The first thing I spotted with that lady was these chilies..I literally jumped with joy, but waited to get back to pick them. For a mere Rs 10 the lady gave me a huge pile of these chilies, I was really excited and happy and thanked her but I bet she must be wondering at my behavior, such is the joy of food bloggers .

You just need to slit the chilies. Heat just about a tablespoon of oil and in go the chilies. Season with salt and a few drops of vinegar. Toss and remove. Serve with any meal, they taste yum.

The menu for the day
Vietnamese Curry  made with Vietnamese curry powder
Rice Noodles
Pan Fried Tofu
Dipping Sauce
Pan Fried Chillies
Bean Thread Noodle Salad
Pickled vegetables
Lemon Tea

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  1. Reading the recipe is making me salivate. I would love these chilies.

  2. I have Serrano pepper growing in my garden and some of them are turning red. I cannot eat chillies but my husband will enjoy them.

  3. I can imagine how ecstatic you must have been seeing those perfect chilies. Fried chilies is not my cup of tea, but I'm sure my husband might like them.

  4. my mouth waters whenever i see chillies..i love them too

  5. Hee my friends and regular shop vendors think I ma certified mad. :D
    These I will make with the regular chillies.