Sunday, October 26, 2014

Badaam Pista Kesar Kulfi

BM # 45 Week 4 Day 3

I have yet another kulfi recipe for you guys which is quick to make and at the same time very very delicious. This tastes just like Delhi kulfis which are such a hit. It has a very nice aroma of Kevda,  which is a flavor to die for.This is a completely different recipe from the previous Badaam and Pista kulfis. I have to thank my cousin Sapna in Mumbai for this delicious recipe and this comes as my 3 rd days post under festival recipes for week 4 , BM 45.

Kevda kesar badam Pista kulfi
1 lt milk
1 can MIthai mate / condensed milk.
3 tbsp corn flour
Pinch saffron
3 tbsp Almonds, pistachios, coarsely ground
Few drops Kevda essence
Bring milk and condensed milk to boil.
Mix corn flour and a few tbsps of water.
Add this to the boiling milk.
Let boil for a few minutes.
Add saffron.
Let cool.
Add the nuts, cardamom powder and Kevda flavor.
Pour into moulds and freeze.
Makes about 12 kulfis.
This kulfi is also popular as BPK.

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  1. My mouth is watering here, hard to resist to this incredible combo.. god i want that plate.

  2. Another great recipe. I love the ribbons of color through the kulfi. Love this kulfi series.

  3. Now going to make this mmm mouthwatering...

  4. Wow Vaishali..guess one can't stop with just one flavour! this pink colour!

  5. What a tempting and delicious looking dessert. Love your presentation.

  6. OMG, you just know how to torture, Vaishali :) Lovely color and tempting !

  7. Those kulfis outdo each other, I guess in flavor department. Loved the series and I am looking forward for our summer season in June.

  8. Loved all the kulfi posts that you've done and have bookmarked them for when I am in the mood for an elaborate dessert.

  9. your kulfi's are all so unique and delicious