Friday, October 10, 2014

Home Remedies for Sour Throat and Tonsillitis.

We begin with a fresh week and this week I have some health related home remedies for the basic everyday ailments. For day 1 I have some home remedies for throat and tonsillitis.

For sour throat or tonsillitis.

Ice cold water, ice cubes ,soft drinks and ice creams are all loved by kids as well as grown ups. Little do we realize that after eating and drinking these cold and sweet things we may get sour throat. There are quite a few home remedies , choose that helps you.

1. Drink Luke warm water after consuming any sweets, it can be a piece of chocolate or ice cream. The warm water will wash out all the grease and fat that has settled due to the intake of any sweet.

2. Gargle with luke warm water, at least three times in a day.

3. Steam inhalation can do wonders.

4 .Cold and warm therapy
Take a napkin.
Keep a warm muffler ready.
Immerse the napkin in chilled ice water, keep it soaked for 5-10 minutes, till really chilled.
Squeeze out the water.
Wrap this chilled napkin around your neck.
Wrap the muffler on this napkin
Keep this for at least 20 minutes.
You could try doing this for at least twice a day.
Repeat for a month if one is prone to sour throat.

5. Drinking hot soups with ginger and garlic  really helps.

6.You could try making tea with tulsi leaves.

7.1/2 tsp ginger juice with 1 tbsp of honey twice a day.

8. 1/2 tsp of gooseberry powder soaked overnight in a glass of water , strain and drink in the morning.
This helps to build immunity against cold and cough, and shall even take care of sour throat.
You should drink this at least for a month.

These are all tried and tested recipes from my mother's collection.I personally use the Cold and Warm therapy the most, hence marked it in red.

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    That cold and warm therapy is really interesting.I am hearing about it the first time.
    The first thing we do when we feel soar throat is gargling with warm, salt water.

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